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Alijamain Sterling Reacts to Henry Cejudo Defending His Title Against Jose Aldo

Alijamain Sterling Reacts to Henry Cejudo Defending His Title Against Jose Aldo

Henry Cejudo

It’s confirmed! The king of Cringe, Henry Cejudo will fight Jose Aldo at UFC 250 for the bantamweight title.

UFC 250 will go down in São Paulo, Brazil on the 19th of May.

Henry currently holds the bantamweight title with a record of 15-2 MMA, 9-2 UFC. He’s going up against the featherweight GOAT Jose whose record stands at 28-6 MMA, 10-5 UFC.

Despite the loss in his previous fight, Henry took the opportunity to call out Jose.

Jose Aldo originally was a featherweight fighter. He decided to drop to Bantamweight after his loss. Unfortunately, his debut fight at bantamweight didn’t turn out so well either, it too ended in a loss for him.

The fans don’t think even after all these failures, Jose deserves a shot at the title.

But to justify this, Yoel is getting a title sot at Adesanya despite his 3 fight losing string. And Jose is a vet, let’s cut him some slack.

Henry hasn’t fought since UFC 238 as he’s been sidelined with a shoulder injury. In his last fight, Henry took the fight in the fourth round against Marlon Moraes. Both fighter’s previous fights were against the same opponent and now they take on each other.

Does Jose Aldo Deserve a title shot against Henry Cejudo

As Alijamain Sterling Tweeted, “The fight no one asked for and that nobody wants to see.

The fans are on the same lines as Sterling by the looks of it. It’s not a fight they’re eagerly looking forward to. 

Henry was adamant about this fight being against the Brazilian legend and he’s got what he asked for. Moreover its taking place in Brazil.

Will he match his words with actions? We’ll have to wait and watch them go at it on the 19th of May to get our answers. Jose has a shot at redemption while Henry can add to his winning streak.

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