“He’s the Cash Cow”-Justin Gaethje Lashes Out at Dana White and Conor McGregor

Published 03/09/2020, 11:41 AM EDT

UFC lightweight Justin Gaethje fires back at Dana White regarding his inactivity and the Conor McGregor situation.


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Justin Gaethje is ranked #4 in the UFC’s lightweight division. He is a brutal knockout artist with heavy hands. The “Highlight” overwhelms his opponents with is immense forward pressure and non-stop offence.


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With a fighting style like Gaethje’s, you can expect him to be busy. However, that is not the case with Gaethje. Despite being on a 3 fight win streak, he is left without an opponent.

Although he did try to pursue a fight with McGregor, it did not materialise.

Justin Gaethje blames politics in fighting for his inactivity

In an interview with Aaron Bronsteter, Gaethje said that the reason he is not fighting Conor McGregor is because of the politics in the UFC.

He said: “Dana White knows that it’s because of politics and money. We all know that. It’s not a lie or a secret.”

Gaethje revealed that Dana White never called him regarding a fight with Conor McGregor.

“They never f*king called me, they never said a word to me. That’s all bulls*t.”

“He’s the cash cow. We all need him. I need him, you need him, Dana needs him.”

It is a fact that when McGregor fights, a lot of people pay to watch him. He is an excellent trash talker with a fighting style that grasps the audience’s attention. Not only does it bring more eyes to the sport but it also makes everyone more money.

“You can’t lose how you lose to me. He can’t. If he loses how you lose to me, he can never be Conor McGregor again.” Gaethje told Bronsteter.

It’s “kill or get killed” when you fight Justin Gaethje. Majority of his wins came via knockout. Although Gaethje has elite wrestling skills, he chooses to brawl and knock his opponents out.

All of McGregor’s loses came by submissions. He has never been stopped inside or outside the UFC. A knockout loss to Gaethje could be devastating for McGregor’s career.

Gaethje said, “It’s fucking crazy what I am dealing with. But I have to stay here and be ready.”


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Is it a wise decision?

Gaethje has not fought since September 2019. As of now, he is only willing to fight big names. However, it may not turn out well for him.

From what we have learnt in the past, the UFC does not wait for anyone. If a fighter does not want to fight, it moves on to the next option.


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Although the American is in a good spot at the moment, he needs to remind the UFC and the fans why he belongs at the top. He needs to stay active and move past the McGregor fight if it does not happen.


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