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“I Am Gonna F***ing Kill That Guy”- Jorge Masvidal Shoots Warning Ahead of UFC 244

“I Am Gonna F***ing Kill That Guy”- Jorge Masvidal Shoots Warning Ahead of UFC 244

Jorge Masvidal

Two of the biggest names in UFC at the moment, Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz are going to step into the UFC octagon in the main event of UFC 244 for the very first BMF title.

Both the fighters have a strong momentum with them coming from huge wins in their last matches. While Jorge Masvidal is knocking guys out in devastating fashion, Nate Diaz made his much-awaited UFC return against Anthony Pettis and dominated him. With two fighters who love to stand up and trade strikes with the opponent until someone breaks, it can be assured that this fight is going to be fireworks. 

Although there is no animosity or bad blood between Diaz and Masvidal at the moment, things are not going to be friendly inside the octagon as per Masvidal. “I am gonna fucking kill that guy. I am gonna end that guy,” said Masvidal about his next opponent, Nate Diaz in a recent interview.

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal fought Ben Askren in his last fight and there was a lot of trash talk from Askren during the fight promotion. However, this time with Nate Diaz, things seem to be a bit calm at the moment, something Masvidal does not has a problem with. Nevertheless, Masvidal will be stepping into the octagon with the same intention as in his last few fights. The goon from Miami is looking to end the fight and not let the fight go to judges’ cards. Jorge Masvidal said:

” If somebody is saying something it does not really matter to me. I like to scrap. The talking crap is just a little bit more motivation. I got all the motivation I need with Nate with the headlining main event on MSG, the biggest fight of the year, one of the most anticipated in a long time. I am gonna give him my all to separate myself from the pack once again and finish Nate. Cause those things don’t go in my way. So all I am going for is a finish, all he is going for is a finish.”

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal shocked the world when he knocked out Ben Askren in 5 seconds. although the win was not that surprising, how he executed that picture-perfect flying knee left the fans in awe. Revealing whether he is coming up with any other dynamic moves for Diaz, Jorge Masvidal said:

“All I worry about is just me sharpening my tools. I got a lot of tools in my s**t, I just pick a couple of tools that we need to sharpen up in particular for the fight and get it done. Whether it’s a flying knee or hook to the body or high kick, just get in there and sharpen them.”

Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz are going to possibly fight for not only the BMF title but also the number one contender spot for the undisputed welterweight title. With stakes that high in the main event of UFC 244, fans can expect some fireworks inside the octagon in MSG.

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