“I Don’t Know” – Anthony Smith Unsure Of Future In The UFC Following Loss To Aleksandar Rakic

September 4, 2020 2:58 am

Following his loss to contender Aleksandar Rakic at Light Heavyweight, Anthony “Lionheart” Smith released a statement saying he needed to reassess the situation and make big decisions about his career and where he will go from there.

Rakic dominated Smith for the entirety of the three rounds of the fight. The former chopped off Smith’s legs from the get-go with his leg kicks. One of which resulted in Smith’s legs crumbling and him going down as a result in the very first round. Besides that, he was also dominated in the ground department where Rakic controlled the fight for almost the entire time.

Anthony Smith has now lost 3 out of his last 4 fights. This was his second loss in a row following a brutal TKO loss in the 4th round by veteran Glover Texeira. This was the first time Smith has lost two in a row during his run in the UFC.

Will Anthony Smith go down to 185 again?

According to Smith, he was the better fighter in his last fight and feels he has the skill-set to beat his last opponent. Fighters in the 205-lbs weight class, he says are just bigger, stronger, taller, and longer and he seems to have a disadvantage in that aspect. On the other hand, he believes he is still too big for Middleweight and a cut to 185 at this point in time would prove to be very difficult.

On moving back to 185, Smith said during the post-fight show “I don’t know. 185’s still really tough. It’s a total lifestyle change and it’s year-round. It’s not one of those things where I can get into camp and change my diet and cut down.

It’s a complete lifestyle change. I guess that’s one of the options. I guess the other option is to take some time off and get bigger. I don’t know. I’ve got some things to decide on”.

Despite Smith still being one of the top contenders in the division, his chances of fighting for the title again in the near future seem to be very slim for now. He believes he has to make a drastic weight change in order to become a champion or fight the elite in the future.

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