“I Feel Like Masvidal Just Whacked Me!”- Darren Till Destroys TikTok in Single Tweet

By 9 months ago

Darren Till is helping a lot of us with the updates he gives us during his self-quarantine. For example, in his most recent post, he warned users of the dangers of joining Tik-Tok.

Tik-Tok is infamous, to say the least. The social media platform has a unique reputation, with some people liking it more than others. Gorilla” graphically described what the other people feel about it. However, he did, yet again, put smiles across the faces of all those who read his tweet. Looks like his personal experiences during self-quarantine are quite the mood-lifters for those in similar situations.

Recently, Darren Till posted a video on Instagram. The video comprised of gloomy background music with gummy bear-like figurines sprawled all over the floor. Whilst Darren Till said he couldn’t take any more, he got people to laugh.

Now, while Darren Till makes up new jokes, let us see what the others are up to during quarantine.

What are stars besides Darren Till doing during quarantine?

To start with, the two greatest Lightweights of this generation are eager to lock horns. Therefore, quarantine is proving to be of little hindrance to their preparation for the event.

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Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson will meet each other inside the octagon on April 18. Or at least, that is what we are hoping for. The UFC and Dana White are providing us with enough statements to believe that the event will take place.

However, they also confirmed that they will change the venue, as government restriction at the original venue (Brooklyn) will make it impossible to conduct the event.

Do you think UFC 249 will become a reality amidst the havoc that COVID-19 has caused?

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