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“I Hit this Guy So F*****g Hard”- Dana White Reveals Bizarre Story Ahead of UFC 249

“I Hit this Guy So F*****g Hard”- Dana White Reveals Bizarre Story Ahead of UFC 249

One would not be wrong to assume that Dana White, the frontman for one of the biggest combat sports promotions in the world, would have been in many fights back in his heyday. However, it’s one thing to fight inside the octagon in a controlled environment and a completely different thing to go all out while brawling in the streets.

White opened up about one of the worst street fights he has ever been in while talking on the Menace and The Man Show. The fight unsurprisingly went down in a bar called Pete’s in Boston.

White claims that the fight took place because someone in the bar hit his sister, which is enough to set a man off. And rightly so. White went to confront the man who allegedly hit his sister. He denied it at first.

“So my sister walks up and he goes, ‘Oh you mean this big-mouthed f*****g b***h?’ And he gave her like a face mush.  So as soon as he did this to her, I hit this f*****g guy so hard and he didn’t f*****g move,” said White as he explains how it all started.

One would hope that this was it. This is all that went down. Unfortunately, real life is not like a movie and the good guy doesn’t always win. Because, after White laid the guy out, he was picked apart by a group of 15-20 guys who “beat the living dog s**t” out of him for 15 minutes.

How the Fight Affected Dana White

It is no wonder our parents advise us against picking fights with people. As far as White’s brawl is concerned, it was a beating more than a fight. The fight left the UFC President sore for two days and his ears rang for weeks. White ended up contracting Meniere’s disease as a result of the fight.

Things took a turn for the worse when the police showed up. However, White was fortunate enough to be able to sneak out of there.

“The police show up and these f*****g lunatics start fighting the police. I ran down the parking garage and got out of there,” said White

White revealed that eventually, he got a call from a lawyer who was representing the man who hit his sister. The man was arrested on charges of assaulting police personnel, said White, and was going to court to be arraigned.

During the conversation, the man’s lawyer warned Dana against testifying in court. They claimed that if White testified against the man in court he would face charges himself because he was the one who hit him first.

Towards the end of their conversation, White claims, he left the man with a message that he would never forget and hung up.

Do you think White should have gotten in a fight like that?

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