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“I Still Outlanded Him”- Conor McGregor Calls out Floyd Mayweather for ‘Part 2’

“I Still Outlanded Him”- Conor McGregor Calls out Floyd Mayweather for ‘Part 2’

It has been more than two-and-a-half years since Conor McGregor made a crossover to the boxing world. Despite losing the first time around, McGregor hasn’t let go of his ambition to take away the zero from Floyd Mayweather.

After receiving praise from Mike Tyson, McGregor rewatched the film of his first fight. The former double champ still thinks he should have been ahead on the scorecards when the fight ended.

Mike Tyson has been all over the news recently, due to media reports claiming that the former ‘baddest man on the planet’ is planning his boxing return. In his recent podcast, Tyson heaped praise on the Irish megastar. The 53-year-old praised McGregor’s efforts as he stepped into the ring with arguably the best boxer in the past 100 years.


When McGregor got wind of Tyson’s words, he thought it was fit to revisit his most lucrative payday.

Conor McGregor marks his fight with Floyd Mayweather as an exciting contest

The status of Floyd Mayweather remains uncertain. The undefeated pugilist was in talks with Dana White at the end of last year. There were speculations that Floyd would return to fight in Zuffa boxing, Dana White’s ambitious project.

However, after multiple tragedies struck him, it is highly unlikely that Mayweather will stage a comeback later this year. Regardless, Conor is not letting the hopes of a rematch die anytime soon.

This was not the first instance that McGregor has referred to his only promotional boxing opponent. A few days ago, McGregor expressed his gratitude to Tyson for the praise. Backed by the experience of stepping in the ring with him once, “Mystic Mac” is confident of cracking the puzzle.

The first fight between the two was viewed as more of a spectacle than a boxing match. Nonetheless, McGregor gave Mayweather a run for his money. For someone with no professional experience, Conor’s performance garnered a lot of praise from experts.

Ever since the first fight, the two have always been going back and forth on social media. McGregor has even claimed that he avoided knocking Floyd out so that he can have a rematch in the first place.

Regardless, May-Mac will also be around for a second edition. More than being skilled fighters, both Mayweather and McGregor are expert businessmen as well. They will make sure that the hype around the fight remains alive.

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