“I Will Hunt Him Inside The Cage”- Paulo Costa Sends A Chilling Message To Israel Adesanya

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Paulo Costa is expected to get the next title shot against the undefeated middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, following Romero’s failed attempt at UFC 248. That said, Costa is also undefeated and is billed to be the only man that can defeat ‘The Last Style Blender’ at this point.

Adesanya, (8-0) in UFC is already a megastar. Apart from his in-ring dominance, he is similarly superior at mic too. However, Costa (5-0) considers it to be an ill-trait. In his recent interaction with MMA Jukie, ‘The Eraser’ reflected on several things over his upcoming fight against Izzy.

The Brazilian denounced Adesanya for umpteen causes, his brashy words being one of them. Costa also revealed his plans of defeating Adesanya in their upcoming matchup.

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Paulo Costa vows to defeat Israel Adesanya at UFC 253

Costa and Adesanya are scheduled to headline UFC 253. However, the fight is yet to be announced on the official websites. Yet, that hasn’t stopped the undefeated middleweights from going back and forth.

The Brazilian opened up on his preparations for Adesanya and appeared confident about claiming the win. Although it is not as simple as it may seem, Costa has already vowed to knock out the undefeated middleweight champion.

“I just need one shot to finish the fight. I won’t shake Israel Adesanya’s hands after KO” said Costa.

The Brazilian also analyzed Adesanya’s last performance against Romero. According to Costa, it was a boring fight and he has learned a lot of things from that contest.

While Romero seemingly waited for Israel to initiate the action, Costa doesn’t want to repeat the same. As per ‘Borrachinha’, he is ready to close the distance and hit Adesanya with brutal shots.

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“I know he can run a lot, that’s what he wants to do, but I will not just wait like Romero did. I will go to hunt him inside the cage and close the distance and put my shots on his body and his face,” told Costa.

There’s no doubt that Costa and Adesanya share mutual hatred amongst themselves, which only intensifies their rivalry. Both of them are undefeated and at their prime right now, thus one of them has to go down when they both collide inside the cage.

Is the fight official?

Dana White has clarified that Costa vs Adesanya is happening at UFC 253. Costa has also clarified about Adesanya accepting the fight. After Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier settle their heavyweight clash at UFC 252, The middleweight prodigies are expected to headline UFC 253.

No wonder, UFC fans are already thrilled about the high voltage matchup.

“They gave to us September 19 and they say Adesanya accepted as well so let’s do, let’s go, let’s take this belt for Brazil,” said Costa.

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Source: MMA Junkie, UFC.com

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