“It Was Incredible the Number of People Who Tried to Stop it from Happening”- Dana White on Fight Island Struggles

July 10, 2020 9:37 am

UFC President Dana White spoke on various topics related to the promotion whilst doing media rounds ahead of UFC 251. White detailed the hardships faced by the company in restarting the organization. The UFC, unlike its competitors, made a full-fledged return to action during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, the promotion was the first major sports organization to set up live events in North America. Several other prominent sports leagues like the NFL and NBA are working on rebuilding their infrastructure. Dana White and the UFC brass have explained the logistical difficulties of being the first returning players on several occasions.

Dana White speaks out

The long-time UFC boss has never shied away from speaking his mind, whether it be his rivals or inter-organizational issues. In a recent interview via Jed I Goodman on Twitter, White can be seen providing insight on his biggest obstacle.

“It’s not that I ever felt there was too much heat, it was just incredible the amount of people who tried to stop it from happening. Literally MMA reporters, people who cover this sport, who get paid to cover this sport, were doing everything in their power to try to stop our events.”

Dana White touched upon the inherent pitfalls of being the first sporting organization to mount a return. Here, his stance remains clear, that the negative buzz was harder to combat as compared to logistical issues.

“Obviously they were not successful, we have been very successful throughout this thing.”

White has spoken out on this issue on multiple occasions in the past. Ever since the UFC made a return to action, they have been a dominant force in the market. Not to mention, the company has resumed their active schedule, thus making up for lost time.

The global leader in MMA has gone on to remind the sporting world of its dominance on more than one occasion. Additionally, the UFC ventured into unchartered territory with a move to Fight Island. They have managed to assemble innovative protocol to bring fight fans the exciting scraps they want to see.

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Darryl Pinto

Darryl Pinto is an MMA and boxing author for EssentiallySports. His love for combat sports began when Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen fought back at UFC 117 in an epic clash. He has competed in collegiate MMA tournaments as an amateur. Darryl is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Mass Media from St. Xaviers College, Mumbai.

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