“It’s F**king Insane to be Even Trying This” – Dana White Hints at Fight Island Launch Date

June 5, 2020 8:55 am

Dana White has constantly persevered to ensure that the UFC becomes the first sport to resume after the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc all over. He tried to hold an event on tribal land and then revealed audacious plans of hosting fights on an isolated island. Despite States opening their doors to sports, White hasn’t relented on Fight Island as he needs international fighters to complete. 

Dana White teases Fight Island inauguration date

‘Fight Island’ has captured the imagination of the sporting world. It featured in Dana White’s chat with Eddie Hearn and Tony Bellew on the Talk to Talk podcast. Here the UFC President dropped a blockbuster announcement.

He said, “The first fight on ‘Fight Island’ is probably around June 27.”

With the word probably White indicates that it isn’t a guarantee that Dustin Poirier and Dan Hooker will headline the first fight at an “Octagon on the beach.”

The UFC President moved on to monetary matters, “Let me tell you about ‘Fight Island.’ ‘Fight Island’ is so f**king expensive and so f**king crazy, has been impossible to pull off.”

He added, “When you’re talking about planes and flying people in and the restrictions. You have to quarantine people and all these things that we’re going through, it’s f**king insane to be even trying this. But I promise you, we will do it and we will pull it off.” (via MMA Fighting)

It certainly takes a man of Dana White’s drive to pull off such a herculean task. He has been working relentlessly to get fights back to our screens. 

He concludes the Fight Island topic by saying, “I believe in doing this, it’s gonna help the sport grow immensely. It’s going to help financially. In many different ways, it’s going to help build the sport and I just know that we can do it.”

A select few sports returning now, but the UFC had a massive head start with UFC 249 receiving more than double PPV buys of 4 of the previous 5 UFC events. 

‘Fight Island’ will certainly attract more attention thereby drawing even more eyeballs to the product. 

When do you think the UFC will host their first Fight Island event?

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