“I’ve Talked to Dana, I Told Him I Don’t Wanna Fight Here”-Max Holloway

July 8, 2020 9:59 pm

Max Holloway has landed on Fight Island! He is inside the octagon well in advance and is getting himself ready to recapture the title.

The Fight Island, something that has for so long been in discussion, has finally seen fighters walking in. Dana White for long toyed with the idea of an island secluded from the pandemic, far away from any trace of infection or contamination. A spot just for fighting, meant for pure wholesome entertainment.

Dana White pulled it off. It is set on Yas Island, a man-made island off Abu Dhabi. Though the UFC has conducted events here before, this time around it’s very different. There are certain privileges in place to make sure everything goes on as per the safety guidelines.

Max Holloway has a request

UFC featherweight contender Max Holloway was one of the first few fighters to step foot on the island. He woke up early to get in a training session and also bask in the glorious weather of the island. He also, in the process, made a request to Dana White. Holloway requested for a switch in location of the octagon with the island. Holloway would prefer to have his fight against Alexander Volkanovski out in the open octagon rather than in the indoor one originally scheduled to hold the fight.

Speaking into the camera, Holloway said, “What’s up Fight Island! We here in the octagon. I’ve talked to Dana, I told him, I don’t wanna fight over there. I wanna fight on the beach! We move our fight to the beach. So we’re in the octagon on the beach getting ready. Its early in the morning. We’re getting ready, baby! Let’s go!”

Max Holloway seems pumped. He looks in great shape and is ready to take on Alexander Volkanovski at the co-main event at UFC 251. Who do you think will walk out the winner?

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