Jorge Masvidal Names His Demands to Fight on UFC Fight Island

July 5, 2020 9:07 pm

The news about Gilbert Burns testing positive for the coronavirus has thrown a huge wrench into the plans for a stacked UFC 251. However, according to reports, Jorge Masvidal might just step in to save the day.

In the buzz of incoming reports, many suggest that the deal with Masvidal is almost final. Thus, we might just see him finally take on his rival, the UFC Welterweight Champion, Kamaru Usman.

Masvidal was the first choice to face Kamaru. Yet, unsuccessful negotiations between the UFC and Masvidal caused the title shot to go to ‘Durinho’. Masvidal insisted on increasing his fight purse after his fight with Nate Diaz, but the UFC didn’t agree.

However, it seems like the two are now making headway as more and more positive reports come in favor of the final showdown between Masvidal and Usman.

But what about the other demands that Masvidal posed regarding pay with the UFC?

Jorge Masvidal lists out his requirements in order to fight at Yas Island

As Masvidal was originally slated to battle ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’, he attended various interviews regarding the then-upcoming battle.

In one such interview, he did entertain the possibility of fighting at Fight Island. However, he had two rather unusual demands.

In an interview with Masvidal, an interviewer from MMA Junkie asked Masvidal what he would want to see on Fight Island. Masvidal said,

“They need to have Nutella there. They need to have white rice. If they don’t have Nutella and white rice? They can keep that f**king island to themselves. Leave me the f**k out of it.”

Although this seems like an odd request, Masvidal clarified that he was serious about the requirement of Nutella and white rice.

“I’m not joking, though. I know it sounds funny, I’m always saying funny things. But it’s not [a] joke. When I went to this island where I did the reality show? In my contract; because they would take the food away; whether I won or lost, I was guaranteed a bowl of white rice. Everyday. Because sometimes they just give you vegetables or [something]. I don’t give a f**k about any of that. Just gimme white rice and I’ll be okay. I can transform that rice into proteins, carbs, nutrients, everything I need.”

Well, the new deal is still in the process of finalization. If it does go through, do you think he will be able to sneak in these two demands?

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