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“Just Exceptions And Excuses!”- Tyron Woodley Trashes Joe Rogan

“Just Exceptions And Excuses!”- Tyron Woodley Trashes Joe Rogan

Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley has had his fair share of criticism from the top brass of UFC because of his “very little efforts” in title defenses.

Thus, when Israel Adesanya was let off the hook citing a “defensive strategy”, Woodley made it a point to call out those who ridiculed him for employing similar strategies in the past.

Post the controversial main event of UFC 248, Ariel Helwani shared an Instagram post with Adesanya’s quotes, which consisted of comments made by New Zealand fighter after the match.


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What might have been …

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The Chosen One” immediately responded, making Joe Rogan his prime target. He stated,

“Funny how no one got into Rogan’s earpiece. And let him know he (Adesanya) broke the record for (the) least amount of strikes thrown in a title fight. No shi***ng on their Prima Donna. Just excuses and exceptions. How convenient.”

Yes, in what was meant to be a fight to remember, Israel Adesanya broke the record for the least strikes thrown in a title match. The record was previously held by Woodley, who was heavily disgraced by commentators for his fighting methods.

How deep is the beef between Tyron Woodley and UFC?

Woodley had faced trouble with the UFC for his duration as the reigning champion. Dana White, the President of the UFC, had thrashed Woodley publicly on various occasions for not providing the fans with the kind of fights they want to see.

The two even had altercations in media events. Woodley has time and again raised formal complaints directed at Dana and Joe Rogan.

The American fighter believes that the UFC has been unjust to him. The fight between Adesanya and Romero was similar to Woodley’s bouts with Demian Maia and Stephen Thompson. Yet the UFC management termed him as “undeserving” instead of acknowledging for his “smartness” like Adesanya.

Tyron Woodley


However, Woodley has to concentrate on the job at hand and ensure that his beef with the commentators does not sideline his fighting career. He is focusing his energy on his next fight with Leon Edwards at UFC London on 21 March.

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  • It seems like he has a point.
    After Adesanya got cracked in the face in the first he wanted none of that and didn’t go forward any more and no one criticized him.
    The problem was, apart from a few takedown attempts, Romero didn’t go forward either and he was the one who got the criticism.
    Probably the most boring title bout I’ve watched.

  • im a big joe rogan fan, not gonna lie. the truth is the truth. you called it woodley!!! defensive fighters dont sell tickets.

  • Nice clickbait, he didn’t trash Rogan, he trashed anyone calling the shots behind the scenes who can speak into Rogan’s Ear.

    The state of journalism.

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