“Keep Him as Isolated as You Can” – Daniel Cormier Expresses Concern Ahead of UFC 249

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The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the UFC’s schedule. While the virus has caused the cancelation of many events, Khabib Nurmagomedov continues to train for UFC 249. According to Daniel Cormier, the champion change his camp drastically.

Khabib Nurmagomedov has been a wrecking machine in the UFC. Ever since his debut, the “Eagle” has amassed a 12 fight win streak. With his superior wrestling, Khabib has smashed through all of his opponents.

However, his next match-up might be his toughest challenge yet.

While Khabib was doing his job of dominating his challengers, Tony Ferguson did not lag behind. “El Cucuy” is also on a 12 fight win streak. And with almost zero holes in his game, Ferguson is one of the most complete mixed martial artists on the planet. He poses a serious threat to Khabib’s reign.

To fight a guy like Ferguson, you need to train consistently. And it looks like Khabib might be doing just that.

Daniel Cormier reveals what Khabib Nurmagomedov’s training looks like

The fear of Coronavirus infection is real. Even mixed martial artists are taking strict measures to prevent the spread of the disease. Khabib’s teammate, Daniel Cormier revealed how Khabib’s training has changed amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

On the UFC Unfiltered podcast, Cormier said, “Khabib is preparing to fight Tony Ferguson and that’s the fight people want to see, no matter where it takes place.”

Khabib vs Tony was booked four times prior. However, both men pulled out twice because of injuries or weight cutting issues. Just when fans thought the fifth time was the charm, a pandemic hit the world. As a result, the MMA community and even Dana White are desperate to watch this fight play out.

The AKA have shut down their gym as a response to the government’s ban on public gatherings. But it remains open for two hours every day, just for the lightweight champion.

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“So right now, it’s his gym you know? Even me as the guy that’s been there since day one and the team captain and everything. I said I’ll step away so Khabib can be in the gym with his training partners and that’s it.”

From what we have learned, the Coronavirus does not take too long to spread. At the moment, the United States has more than 15000 confirmed cases. There will be many more undetected cases which may come into contact Khabib or his training partners.

Isolating Khabib from the rest of the world and making sure that he trains with a few people will decrease the chances of the spread.

Is Cormier unsure of Khabib vs Tony?

“Keep him as isolated as you can with the guys that are necessary for his preparation. To try to stay ready for this fight, just in case it happens.” Cormier said.

Although Dana White did talk about moving the entire card outside of the United States, it will be difficult to do so. The virus has spread around the world, and the chances of infection are high.

Do you think Khabib vs Tony will take place next month?

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