Khabib Nurmagomedov Gives Verdict on Greatest Combat Sports Athlete Debate

Published 03/16/2020, 7:39 AM EDT

For an untutored eye, who looks on in the octagon and finds nothing much happening at all have finally an able ally in Khabib Nurmagomedov.


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The lightweight champ believes that judo is a great combat sport, a class apart.

A round table full of who’s who of the MMA world and the subject separating them is: what’s the greatest combat sport in the world?


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And who is the most successful one at it?

Khabib starts by saying the current bantamweight and former freestyle wrestler, Henry Cejudo, is the most accomplished one in that respect.

“This guy, an Olympic champion and that’s it,” Khabib says of Cejudo.

The discussion then shifts towards naming the greatest combat sport in the world.

Here, Khabib Nurmagomedov passionately explains how judo is the superior combat than rest.

“Freestyle is a great sport but judo is a different level,” Khabib says to Cejudo.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen, you know, judo is like high-level,” Khabib adds to the discussion.

As the discussion continues at Dominance Media day, reigning PFL women’s lightweight champ, Kayla Harrison, interjects throwing a funny remark on Cejudo:

“I should have brought the gold medals. I’m just not that cocky. He (Cejudo) had some fake metal made to wear around his neck. Is this real life?”

Cejudo too digs in the discussion saying freestyle wrestling is the “King of kings, bro, in any sport, period.”

In response to Cejudo’s question of what’s the hardest thing a human being could do in combat sports, Khabib replies:

“Brother, judo is like a different level. If I have a chance to take judo Olympic medal over this one, please, of course, judo.”

Khabib rests his case.

Later, Khabib jokingly says that “Daniel Cormier is currently the greatest combat athlete,” but later on says that Cejudo is indeed the greatest one at the moment.


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UFC have failed to properly address the current status of UFC 249: Khabib vs Ferguson scheduled to take place on April 18th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

But it seems that the event will go on as planned, most likely behind closed doors.

Khabib and Ferguson have so far been scrapped four-time before this.


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This is the promotion’s fifth attempt to stage this fight which now as fate would have it been surrounded in a mist of uncertainty.


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