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“Learn to Box Backwards”- Conor McGregor Kicks Jon Jones Out of GOAT Conversation

“Learn to Box Backwards”- Conor McGregor Kicks Jon Jones Out of GOAT Conversation

Conor McGregor and Jon Jones

Weekends amid the coronavirus pandemic have been very slow and monotonous without MMA action to watch. However, Conor McGregor has taken it upon himself to help people through these tough times. As a result, he has come out with another series of his beloved messages for the public.

The former two-division champion took to social media to reveal the list of heroes in the UFC. The ‘GOAT Thread’, as he so eloquently calls it, features several fighters.

The Notorious One states their name and follows up with a set of qualities, justifying the reason he awarded them that spot.

Conor McGregor

The light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, is fortunate enough to find himself on that list. Or so McGregor believes.

What’s interesting is that several fans may place someone like Jones at the top of such a list, considering his track record. However, as far as the Dubliner is concerned, it’s P4 for Bones. Moreover, McGregor spares no details when it comes to justifying Jones’ spot at the very bottom of the list.

“Jon is 4. Maybe tied 3. More array of finishes than 3 and still active, but champion status in just 1. Reasons = Multiple lacklustre decision performances + questionable decision win. Attempting to safe play HW entry/avoiding its champion,” said Conor McGregor in his Tweet.

He explains Bones’ failure to earn a top spot due to a series of close decision wins, most probably against the likes of Dominick Reyes and Thiago Santos.

The Irishman may have struck a nerve by bringing up Jones’ recent attempt of moving up to the heavyweight division. Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou had been going back and forth on social media during the past week.

However, a dispute regarding compensation between Jones and the UFC derailed any chances of the light-heavyweight champion taking on The Predator.


Conor McGregor dives deep into Jones’  abilities

Soon after listing the top fighters in the UFC, the Irishman went on to offer some additional unfiltered thoughts and opinions on Jon Jones.

“I said 4, maybe 3. This here is No.2 in Rolex’s, and with only 2 in play. I like Jon. Still active, can climb higher. Must shake repetitive iddybiddy knee kick habit he has, learn to box backwards, take divisional jump fearlessly, then most important of all, win it in full style,” said Conor McGregor in a follow-up Tweet.

It is no surprise that he mentioned his name on the list. However, what’s surprising is that McGregor’s name does not appear right at the top. Is that his attempt at being humble?

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