“My B***s Were Always Just Way Too Big”- Conor McGregor Blows His Own Trumpet in GOAT Debate

May 28, 2020 8:29 am

Conor McGregor released a “GOAT THREAD”, which resulted in numerous UFC fighters lashing out at the list. These included Nate Diaz, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Jon Jones, and Michael Bisping. However, ‘Notorious’ remained unfazed and ended his social media silence on the issue by tooting his own horn yet again. 

Conor McGregor labels himself as the GOAT

‘Notorious’ responded to a Tweet posted by Coach Kavanagh. It read, “you can argue all day about who’s the GOAT. But the greatest PRIZE fighter in MMA history is measurable and undisputed. Its really not even close.” 

Supporting the tweet is an image that has stats indicating the Irishman has the best numbers. However, not one to let it go, ‘Notorious’ chimed in with a few more stats. 

He wrote, Don’t forget highest % ratio of KO’s, as well as fastest KO’s, both inside and outside the UFC. Also most titles won also most knockouts in most divisions. Also, I’m just the f**king GOAT. Get over it baby, and get with it! It’s good on this side! Come chill with the Billi GOAT!”

Besides, he highlighted his own KO’s and TKO’s.

“8ko’s and 10ko’s that’s the lol for me. Gets me giddy. Switch the channel giddy. A small part of me does wish I stayed around and fought Ortega and Fili and the gang though, imagine that damage! But you know yourself, my b***s were always just way too big for the baby jets.”

Here, ‘Notorious’ indicates that his stats could have been even better if he remained in Featherweight. This is a clear dig at the other 3 fighters in the list who remained in one weight division for a large part of their careers. Georges St-Pierre only switched to Middleweight for what was to be his final fight in the company. 

MMA purists argue that ‘Notorious’ picks easy and winnable fights. He has been avoiding Justin Gaethje and is yet to reply to Kamaru Usman who offered him a shot at the Welterweight Championship. Fighters too have picked up on this and are scornful of the first fighter to hold two UFC championships simultaneously.

What is your take on Conor McGregor and Kavanagh’s assessment of the GOAT debate?

“You Greatest UFC Fighter in Twitter History”- Khabib Nurmagomedov Ridicules Conor McGregor

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