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“No One Needs to Put Up With Dana’s Lies”- Jon Jones Rains Down on Dana White

“No One Needs to Put Up With Dana’s Lies”- Jon Jones Rains Down on Dana White

Jon Jones and UFC President Dana White have been kicking up a storm in the MMA circuit. A lot has gone down in the past few days, and neither one of them is showing signs of slowing down.

The UFC light heavyweight champion has been using social media as a platform to get his side of the story out to the public.

Jones has been vehemently opposing Dana White’s claims regarding his demand for an unreasonably heavy fight purse for his heavyweight debut against Francis Ngannou.

Jones recently took to Twitter in a bid to take yet another shot at the UFC frontman. This relentless barrage of these claims comes just days after Jones tried to clear the air with the promotion.

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“The reporter asked Dana to show the text messages instead he gives a 55 second response talking about why would I lie,” said Jones referring to White’s UFC on ESPN 9 post-fight interview. 

Jones is adamant that White is trying to tarnish his image in the public’s purview. However, many claim that Jones has done a decent job of wrecking his image in the eyes of the public himself. Considering his repeated infractions with the law.

Jon Jones threatens a release

Jones has been working hard trying to defend himself against White’s alleged slander. However, it seems like the top-ranked pound-for-pound fighter has had enough and has threatened White to process his release from the promotion.

It seems like their very public spat has now taken a turn for the worse. The dispute that was initially based on a difference of opinion with respect to compensation, has now turned into a personal feud.

During the post-fight interview, White revealed that Jones’ actions outside the cage left him unworthy of a raise. Furthermore, he took shots at his performance, claiming that he didn’t deserve the kind of compensation that he was gunning for.

Naturally, Jones did not take to these statements kindly. In addition to challenging White to release the text messages where Jones asked for an unreasonable amount of money, Jones dared the promotion to process his release.

In fact, while doubling down on his decision to be let go, Jones revealed that he could be making much more money if he made a move to boxing.

Do you think Jon Jones is being too rash?

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