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Randy Couture Used a Foam Roller to Shake Off “Massive” Heart Attack- Chael Sonnen Shares a Shocking Story

Randy Couture Used a Foam Roller to Shake Off “Massive” Heart Attack- Chael Sonnen Shares a Shocking Story

Randy Couture

Former UFC heavyweight champion, Randy Couture suffered a severe heart attack on Wednesday and he was admitted to ICU for further treatment. Reportedly, Couture suffered a heart attack while he was working out in the gym. However, the complete story behind this is shocking, to say the least. Former UFC title contender, Chael Sonnen shared the story behind Couture’s heart attack on his channel.

Chael Sonnen said that when he heard about the news of Randy Couture suffering a heart attack, he was not expecting to hear from him soon. However, to his surprise, it was Couture who responded to Sonnen in a short time. 

“When I went to Randy, I never thought in a million years I would hear back from him if it’s true. I hear right away from Randy. He says I had a little heart issue and I would be out of there tomorrow.”

Chael Sonnen also mentioned that Randy Couture was working out with his friend Jay Glazer who described the entire situation to Sonnen.

Glazer said:

” Randy did not have some heart attack and an ambulance gets called and he goes to the hospital. Bro he had a heart attack in my gym. He was telling us ‘my heart, I have something going on in my chest’. 

Randy Couture

“He got a foam roller and tried to roll it out. He tried to roll out a heart attack. He then finished the workout. He then walks to the hospital himself. No ambulance, no ride, does not even tell anybody.” responded Chael Sonnen.

According to Sonnen, after Couture went to the hospital, the doctors immediately admitted him to ICU and informed him that he had some kind of blood clotting. When Couture was asked by the doctor to scale the level of pain he was in after treatment, Couture replied:- 2 out of 10 and when he was asked to scale the pain he was going through while he had the heart attack, Couture said it was a 4, something that caught Couture’s friend Jay Glazer by surprise who watch everything went down at the gym.

Reportedly, Randy Couture is feeling better after the treatment. However, it’s hard to imagine someone trying to finish his work out while going through a severe heart attack. Then again if someone can do that then it has to be the UFC legend, Randy Couture.

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