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“Stay Off My Timeline”- Ibrahim Kawa Responds to Jorge Masvidal Rumours

“Stay Off My Timeline”- Ibrahim Kawa Responds to Jorge Masvidal Rumours

Conor McGregor’s Twitter GOAT list set off a series of events in motion. Jorge Masvidal took to Twitter to issue a challenge to Nate Diaz, as he claimed that he was the greatest in the promotion.

Several fans flamed Masvidal for using a fight against Diaz as an excuse to duck one against Kamaru Usman. However, Gamebred’s manager took to social media to put this absurd rumor to rest.

“People saying @GamebredFighter is ducking anyone is smoking some real good stuff. Like really? The guy who fought in a backyard against a guy 40-50pounds heavier than him? Never has said no to any fight? You guys are funny. Stay off my timeline,” said Ibrahim Kawa, while trying to explain that Jorge Masvidal is not one to duck fights.

Jorge Masvidal and the Nigerian Nightmare have been on a collision course for quite some time and were looking to throw down this summer. However, the coronavirus pandemic has affected their schedule.

The long-time rivals have been going back and forth on social media and multiple interviews. It went on to a point where they almost took on each other in a scuffle at Radio Row during Super Bowl week. However, poor negotiations forced Gamebred to take his talents to Nate Diaz.

Masvidal’s first matchup against Diaz could not have gone any better. The two fighters, headlining the event, went toe to toe at UFC 244. The fight saw Diaz suffer a loss to Street Jesus because of the doctor’s stoppage in the third round.

The fight capped off his year of 2019. Having taken on Darren Till and Ben Askren, who he dropped within 5 seconds, the year marked one of the highest points of his career.

Jorge Masvidal in training

In addition to his Tweets dismissing his client’s refusal to fight Usman, Kawa revealed that Masvidal has been training for his next fight.

In an interview, Kawa explained that Masvidal was already in training camp for a probable scrap in July. However, he gave no updates regarding his would-be opponent.

“I will say Jorge has been a man of his word since I’ve known him; he’s never lied or said something, then something else happened. He’s not that kind of guy. Jorge’s in camp, he’s training, he’s ready to rock and roll, so we’re looking forward to fight. Whether it’s in July or a little bit later, that’ll be fine, too, but he’s absolutely ready to rock and roll,” claims Kawa.

All said and done, only time will tell whether Masvidal will pull out of his fight against Usman.

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