“The UFC Know Where to Find Me” – Georges St-Pierre Responds to Kamaru Usman’s Call-out

July 24, 2020 12:51 am

Georges St-Pierre stands at a pedestal that is higher than most other UFC fighters. Even after being retired, he is being called out by current welterweight champ Kamaru Usman. Despite having a desire deep down to compete, St-Pierre has confirmed that in all likelihood, he will stay retired.

Coming off a dominant win over Jorge Masvidal, Kamaru Usman expressed his desire to fight former champ Georges St-Pierre. Usman and St-Pierre are currently tied for the record of most consecutive wins in the division. Therefore, ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ called out ‘Rush’ for a fight if the latter has some fire left in his oven.

“For me, it’s very complimentary,” St-Pierre told TMZ after watching Usman’s call-out. “For a fighter, not just a fighter but for anybody, the goal is to do as less work as possible to gain the most money. They know that a fight with me will give them a lot of money. Plus they can have the legacy that comes with it if they win. For me, it’s a mixed feeling. For sure when I’m watching the fights sometimes I think I can beat these guys.”

“After when I’m done training I feel like I’m very confident. Then I go home and at night I am thinking about all that crazy thoughts and I’m like I’m gonna be forty years old soon. Do I really wanna go through that hardcore training again? Put myself in jail, so to speak, and getting ready for hell. And I’m like no I don’t,” Georges added.

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St-Pierre ruled the welterweight division for a long period. The Canadian has even held the UFC middleweight gold after defeating Michael Bisping in 2017. Earlier this year, the UFC had announced that St-Pierre will be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Georges St-Pierre admits making a lot of money in the UFC

Despite being one of the greatest ever, St-Pierre stepped away from the game fairly early. After a controversial split decision win over Johnny Hendricks in 2013, St-Pierre vacated his title. Despite not announcing his retirement, he stayed away from the game at an age when others are still in their prime. When compared to others such as fellow UFC legend Anderson Silva, St-Pierre’s career provides a stark contrast.

However, he doesn’t regret getting away at what he feels was the right time. This way he is both healthy and rich.

“Unfortunately in my sport, there are too many guys that retire too late. I do not want to be one of these guys. I came in at the right time and I made a lot of money. When I measure and calculate the pros and the cons it’s better that I stay retired.”

St-Pierre added that he has a lot going on in his life. Regardless, he remains an ardent lover of the sport that gave him worldwide recognition. For St-Pierre fighting is always more than a profession or hobby. It is a part of his life that he remains strongly attached to. The same goes for competing as well.

Listen, the UFC know where to find me. If they want to offer me something they can call. You can take the fighter out of the competition but you can’t take the competition out of the fighter,” St-Pierre added.

However, when St-Pierre thinks objectively, there is only one conclusion – the cons outweigh the pros in this scenario.

Source: TMZ Sports

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