Tyron Woodley’s Coach Details His Game Plan for Colby Covington Fight

September 11, 2020 4:30 pm

Din Thomas retired when he was 37, which is a year younger than 38-year-old Tyron Woodley, who trains under him. The coach spoke about how age mellowed fighters. However, he added that if fighters can compartmentalize, it would bode them well for their career. 

Tyron Woodley’s coach said, “It’s a real thing, it’s why I retired. At one point you’re 25 and you want to eat a person’s eyeballs. Next thing you know you’re 40 and you’re like. ‘I’d rather take this guy to dinner’. That’s life. But once you recognize that and separate it, you can go. ‘Alright for these 25 minutes, we need to be the 25-year-old who wants to eat your eyeballs’. We need to realize that and get to that dark place on September 19.”

Luckily for him, getting Woodley to “that dark place” may not prove so tedious. This is because Colby Covington would be the last person on earth that ‘The Chosen One’ would consider ‘taking to dinner’. Fans could claim that he would prefer to eat alone rather than share a table with ‘Chaos’.

Tyron Woodley will be the 25-year-old his coach wants him to be

Tyron Woodley will go to any length on September 19 at the UFC Apex as he wants to hurt Colby Covington. He even broached low kicking the #2 ranked welterweight fighter.

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Hence, the disdain is legit, and Woodley has a point to prove. Standing across the cage from Covington could spice things up and motivate him. The former interim champion portrays a ‘heel’ and one can expect him to continue trash-talking Woodley even in the cage before the referee lets them fight. 

Woodley is on a two-fight skid but can earn a rematch for his welterweight title with a win. However, that will be the last thing on his mind. ‘The Chosen One’ can be likened to a bull who will charge right at his target and gore him. 

What do you think will happen in the Tyron Woodley vs Colby Covington fight? Will it be an ugly all-out brawl as expected?

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