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July 13, 2020 7:01 pm

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC ) has had witnessed several veteran fighters who have gone on to make it big inside the octagon. UFC is notably the biggest MMA promotion in the world and as an organization, it has attained a lot of milestones. Dana  White’s ambitious UFC Fight Island being one of them. Throughout the years, UFC has managed to stage itself globally with the emergence of household names like Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey and continues to rule amongst the global audiences with their rising popularity. Meanwhile, UFC commentators expectedly add some more ‘thrill’ to the sport, which might go unnoticed by a lot of fans.

Apart from the fighters, UFC as an organization has produced some popular personalities who are very well known amongst the MMA fan base. Throughout the years, several people have had the opportunity to commentate on UFC live events and some of them have utilized the opportunity to reach new heights. Here’s a look at some UFC commentators who have seemingly garnered a lot of popularity.

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Notable UFC commentators from the promotion

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan remains to be one of the brightest prodigies of UFC who has remained active in the promotion since its primary days. Throughout his years in UFC, Joe Rogan has become one of the most popular personalities inside and outside the UFC. Joe Rogan is also a successful comedian and has his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Podcast’.  Rogan, 52,  is still an active UFC commentator. However, he mostly doesn’t attend UFC events outside the United States any more.

Jon Anik

Jon Anik, the former ESPN anchor is currently associated with UFC and is one of their A-listed commentators. After Joe Rogan, Jon Anik is arguably the second most popular commentator of the promotion who is equally prominent in weigh-ins and several other occasions of the promotion. Anik, 42 has also hosted several MMA shows while he was associated with ESPN.

Megan Olivi

Although Megan Olivi is an ESPN journalist, she has been fortunate enough to sit down with the commentator’s panel for several UFC events.  Megan Olivi is not a full-time UFC commentator but she is a recognizable persona in the UFC universe. Meanwhile, Olibi has already interviewed numerous UFC fighters in her career and continues to be one of the most stellar figures of UFC.

Dominick Cruz

Former UFC bantamweight champion and one of the true veterans of the sport, Dominick Cruz is also a skilled UFC commentator. Cruz, 35, is often spotted in the UFC’s commentary panel and is one of the few fighters from the promotion to do so. Other than Dominick Cruz, Daniel Cormier and Michael Bisping has also done the similar stunt

Paul Felder

‘The Irish Dragon’ Paul Felder is currently a UFC commentator. Although Felder continues to garner call-outs from several UFC fighters, he is potentially retired from the sport. Paul Felder is also one of the brightest commentators the promotion has ever witnessed. Currently, Paul Felder is retired from the sport but has often gone on to tease his potential return to the octagon while being a prominent figure in the commentary box.

Daniel Cormier

Dual champion and arguably one of the greatest men to have ever step foot inside the octagon, Daniel Cormier is an equally entertaining commentator in UFC. DC has been a part of the commentary panel in various fight events and is a prominent person of the UFC administration apart from being one of the A-listed fighters. He is currently staged for heavyweight title fight against champion Stipe Miococ in the headliner of UFC 252

Michael Bisping

Former Middleweight champion Michael Bisping is currently a UFC commentator and the Briton veteran also has his own podcast on YouTube. Bisping was on a four-fight win streak boasting the UFC middleweight gold when he faced GSP at UFC 217 and ost the belt. Bisping fought against Kebin Gastem then at the UFC Fight Night in the same month and faced another crushing defeat. “Count’ Bisping quelled his UFC career then and has been a commentator in the promotion.

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