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WATCH: Jon Jones Shows-Off Massive Gains in New Workout Video

WATCH: Jon Jones Shows-Off Massive Gains in New Workout Video

Jon Jones

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion (as per the UFC site), Jon Jones is hard at work to keep his fitness up. He recently took to his Twitter account to share a workout video.

He said, “Despite everything else going on, we’re still out here doing work. Top squat set today was 365 for 3, 30 lb more than 2 weeks ago. [1% better].”

Looks like “Bones” is looking to become more destructive than ever. The widely regarded GOAT seems to be pushing his limits even further, after having dominated his division for years.

However, his recent announcement regarding the decision to vacate the UFC light heavyweight title shocked the entire UFC Universe.

jon jones

Jones stated that because negotiations regarding his pay and move to the Heavyweight division failed after a public altercation with Dana White, he will be taking a hiatus from the Octagon.

Moreover, we saw him working to curb violence amidst the ongoing protests in the USA. He also posted a video of helping local store owners who are facing the brunt of angry mobs.

Jon Jones

This brings to mind the question: Why is Jones working so hard, so quick to get better? Of course, it could very well be out of his knack of being an amazing athlete. However, a recent interview with Dana White also hints at something otherwise.

Dana White is certain that he and Jon Jones will negotiate successfully

Dana White recently featured on boxing promoter Eddie Hearn’s podcast, “Talk the Talk”. The topic of Jon Jones, due to the current heat it has on it, inevitably came up.

In a surprising response, Dana said that his relationship with Jon Jones is just like any other relationship. He also said that Jones is a partner in UFC Operations, as any fighter at that level technically is.

Dana White

The UFC President later asserted that after one gets tired of fighting, they reach common grounds. Moreover, he quoted examples from the past to depict that this is not the first time that he has a contractual problem.

Thus, White seems pretty sure that Jones will return to the UFC. Do you think Jon Jones will return?

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