WATCH: Tony Ferguson Teases Mega Fights Against Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier

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The UFC’s Lightweight division continues to head on a path filled with excitement and fights that promise brutality. With names like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Justin Gaethje, Dustin Poirier, and Tony Ferguson aching to outclass one another, the division is robust with action.

Moreover, Conor McGregor, too, seems to want in on the action. Even though ‘The Notorious One‘ retired back in June, it seems that he is not putting up so well with ‘boredom’. In a suggestive Tweet, he hinted at a comeback. But who he will fight still remains a mystery.

In the midst of the confusion, ‘El Cucuy‘ teased fans with dream matchups that could very well take place. He posted a video on his Twitter account to the same effect.

The video features a face-off edit wherein Ferguson faces off with ‘Diamond’ Poirier and/or Conor McGregor.

The very idea of these matchups sends chills down the spines of all those who have the slightest idea about what MMA is. Both these matchups promise to be as dynamic as one can possibly imagine. But which one makes more sense?

Will Poirier step up to the challenge?

Dustin Poirier came out a beast in his brawl with Dan Hooker on June 27, 2020. He won the bout after an excruciating 5-round-fight that went the distance.

He displayed an immense amount of perseverance. His strikes carried with them devastating strength, speed, and commendable precision.

(Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

Even though he did not manage to land as many takedowns he would have liked to, he did prove that his ground game is still as splendid as ever. Moreover, he showed the ability to eat shots and still carry on, as Hooker, too, landed a lot of painful strikes that would have ended most other fighters. Clearly, the chin on Poirier has improved drastically.

The fight tells us that Poirier is as lethal as ever, probably even more so. And his style matches up brilliantly with that of Tony’s, given Tony’s mean striking capability and fluent ground game. Therefore, if a matchup between the two promises to be an exhilarating hair-raiser, wherein both fighters will exhibit maximum energy till the last second.

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However, Poirier fought just a month ago, whereas Ferguson fought back May 9. Therefore, according to readiness at the earliest possible, Conor may seem like the more viable option.

How probable is Conor McGregor to return and face Tony Ferguson?

A fight between Ferguson and McGregor is something that fight fans have dreamt of for far too long. They have been the top Lightweights for quite some time now, and their reputations as skilled strikers guarantee an all-out war inside the Octagon.

While the ‘Boogeyman’ employs unorthodox strikes and movements to open up and devour his opponents, McGregor boasts of a striking skill-set that very few can claim to outclass.

The Irishman uses a variety of strikes, each of which packs a wallop of pure strength. Even though he has not shown a lot of promise on the ground, a stand-up battle with Ferguson will surely keep the crowd on its feet.

Moreover, in his return after a two-year break, he showed considerable improvement in his striking. Although for a mere 40 seconds. He also said in a press conference that he will now be able to fight on the ground much better than he did in the past. Of course, we never got to test that claim.

Conor McGregor enroute his 19th KO win

On the same nerve of pressers, the two have a history of exchanging verbal blows over social media. Given their personal equation and individual personalities that scream of notoriety, the pressers, too, will most definitely be extremely entertaining! An added benefit, of sorts.

Which bout, do you think, will see the light of the day?

Source: Tony Ferguson on Twitter

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