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“When He Hit Me With A Jab It Felt Like a Regular Right Hand” – Jorge Masvidal Names the Most Powerful Puncher He Has Faced

“When He Hit Me With A Jab It Felt Like a Regular Right Hand” – Jorge Masvidal Names the Most Powerful Puncher He Has Faced

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal has been part of the UFC since April 2013. However, he fought as a professional for a decade before making the move to Dana White’s organization. ‘Gamebred’ has competed 48 times in a 17-year career. Akin to any professional fighter, he has dished out punishment as well as taken it in equal measure. Now, the 35-year-old opened up on the hardest puncher he has come up against. 

Jorge Masvidal names a surprising fighter

In an Instagram session, the BMF Champion responded to a question focusing on the hardest blow he received. He said, “Uhm…he never caught me clean in the fight, but I felt his raw power and I was like man this guy’s got f**kin good pop. It was Paul Daley.”

Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal fought Daley in 2010 at Shark Fights 13: Jardine vs Prangley. He lost the fight via unanimous decision. The UFC 3rd ranked Welterweight went on to explain the reasoning behind naming ‘Semtex’ as the hardest puncher he has faced. 

“He’s got a good pop. Also, I was lighter in my career at the time. He hit me in my arms a couple of times and I could feel his thud.”

Masvidal opens up about other hard punchers

Having spent almost half his life in competition, fans would have expected Masvidal to name more hard punchers he encountered. In this regard, ‘Gamebred’ did not disappoint, as he mentioned his UFC 178 opponent James Krause. “Let me see who else? James Krause hit me with a right hand, but it was more like the place (behind the ear) where he got me rather than actual raw power.”

Masvidal claimed a unanimous decision win over Krause in 2014. Finally, when prompted with the name Darren Till,  the Welterweight fighter agreed.  

Jorge Masvidal, Darren Till,

“Till, actually yes. That’s who I would definitely say. Till has the most power of anybody I’ve ever faced before. I remember his lead hand. He’s very well balanced. It wasn’t just like his straight left is powerful. When he hit me with a jab, it felt like a regular right hand. It was like thudding the guy.”

Masvidal faced ‘The Gorilla’ to kick off his impressive 2019. He overcame the Brit via 2nd round KO. Later he finished Ben Askren in 5 seconds before closing off the year at UFC 244 and claiming the symbolic BMF title by beating Nate Diaz. 

What do you make of Jorge Masvidal’s assessment of the most powerful puncher?

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