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“Will Your Commentary Be Biased?”- Jon Jones’ Manager Hits Out Against Daniel Cormier

“Will Your Commentary Be Biased?”- Jon Jones’ Manager Hits Out Against Daniel Cormier

We all want our favorite athletes to stay on the television screen, even post their retirement. If they take up the job of a commentator, we are even happier. Booker T, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, Mick Foley are a few names from WWE that made this tremendous transition. When we discuss UFC, we have Paul Felder, Michael Bisping, and Daniel Cormier as that trio. It is fantastic how they are making use of their in-depth knowledge of the sport to give back into the business.

This way, they stay relevant and we stay satisfied. But somehow, Daniel Cormier’s commentary has become a reason for dissatisfaction in Malki Kawa. Just in case you don’t know him, he is a businessman, a top-notch negotiator. He has represented UFC biggies like Jon Jones. He knows the business of sports too well and now is questioning the new job role taken by DC.

Daniel Cormier

Kawa called the UFC commentary of Daniel Cormier as biased

Cormier last fought in August 2019 against Stipe Miocic. He has lost only to Steve and Jon Jones in his entire MMA career. He is a former champion in two weight divisions and holds great respect in the industry. But something totally did not go well with Kawa. He tweeted-

Now, this tweet response to DC’s tweet earlier made a prominent name unhappy. We are talking about Ariel Helwani, who took this personally and called out Kawa. This battle of words became a thread. Have a look-

Cormier’s commentary has made him a meme face, all in a positive sense

It must not be easy to make such a career change. But DC seems to have nailed it. We all remember how he would yell “Thug Rooooooose, Thug Rooooooooose!!” whenever Rose Namajunas will convert that KO punch. At times, his remarks would totally overpower the voice of fellow commentators. He is good at his art, that is for sure.

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Also, when Paul Felder missed his seat on the broadcast desk in UFC 251, fans wanted to hear Joe Rogan, but that too did not happen. Anyway, his experience podcast was there to comfort the fans.

So who is your favorite UFC commentator?

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