“You Want to Kill Gilbert Burns”- Daniel Cormier Trolls Michael Bisping After UFC Fight Night

May 31, 2020 6:49 pm

Fight nights often leave a larger impact on the commentary team than the fighters themselves. Michael Bisping corroborated the same following his hilarious slip-up after UFC on ESPN 9.

While in conversation with Daniel Cormier towards the end of the headliner at Fight Night Woodley vs Burns, The Count said something that left both DC and himself in stitches.

“You would not think that this man just went 25 rounds with one of the greatest welterweights that the UFC has seen,” said Bisping before Daniel Cormier corrected the former UFC middleweight champion, saying, “Well, he never would have gone 25 rounds. That’s virtually impossible. He went 25 minutes Mikey!” Before the pair burst into laughter.

Bisping went on to explain his priceless slip by saying, “Listen! Listen! It’s been an explosive night. It’s maybe knocked my brain cells around.”

Following which DC joked about Bisping’s intentions towards Burns, saying, “Mikey wants [him] to go 25 rounds! Mikey, you want to kill Gilbert Burns.” To which Michael Bisping responds, “I’ll do 25 rounds!”

Tyron Woodley concedes second straight loss in the UFC

Fight Night Woodley vs Burns saw Woodley take up his second consecutive L, following his title bout against Kamaru Usman. It seems like the top contender has been going through a slump. Consequently, several fans feared that Woodley would be looking to bow out of the MMA circuit, for good.

However, we could not have been more wrong, for it seems like The Chosen One is taking his loss as a lesson and an opportunity to improve.

“What’s up people? I gotta say, you can’t just get in the camera when you win. You gotta get on the camera when you lose, too. I felt good. I have no excuse, I trained hard. And I was in great shape. I felt like I did everything right. Everything felt right, from the walkout to the stretch. Every single thing about the fight,” said Tyron Woodley.

Displaying the spirit of a true warrior, Woodley admitted his faults and subsequently put some well-deserved respect to Gilbert Burns’ name.

Woodley is certain that this loss does not mark an end to his journey in the combat sports industry, for he is set on making a comeback.

Durinho, on the other hand, feels that this victory, that marks his sixth consecutive win, should set him up to compete for the title against his teammate, Kamaru Usman.

Do you think Burns is ready to take it up a notch?

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