“You’re Not Very Smart” – Chael Sonnen Destroys Tito Ortiz for Calling out Mike Tyson

May 23, 2020 12:13 am

Chael Sonnen has a history of beef with several fighters. However, most of them have been settled.

Then there is his beef with Tito Ortiz that lingers on despite Sonnen hanging his gloves. Chael unleashed his wrath on Ortiz recently after the latter called out Mike Tyson on Instagram.

Mike Tyson has taken the boxing world by storm with only a short video with a two-word caption. “I’m back.” The announcement of Tyson’s return has led to a string of competitors positioning themselves in line for a shot against the former Heavyweight champ.

Even Tito Ortiz has tried to lure in Tyson for a fight. Ortiz took to Instagram to call out Tyson.

The idea of a former UFC champ going against one of the hardest punchers in boxing history is an idea that made many fans curious. However, Tito’s former rival, Chael Sonnen, obliterated “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” over the same idea.

Chael Sonnen does a brutal breakdown of Tito Ortiz’s call-out

Sonnen began by criticizing the image of Tito alongside Tyson. “Anybody of any age, but particularly a grown-a** 44-year-old man that goes on to Instagram shirtless while flexing his abs is a little bit of a dork,” Chael said in a video posted on his YouTube channel.

He then commented on the part of the caption that said, “Legend vs Legend”. While Chael agreed that “Iron Mike” is a legend, he had no intention to believe that Ortiz was one too.

“So it’s like Tito, who are you bringing? Are you bringing Tank Abbott along? Are you bringing Randy Couture? Are you bringing King Arthur? Are you bringing Batman? Like who is coming that is the other legend here?” Sonnen said.

“The American Gangster” also reprimanded Tito for not being updated with what a pay-per-view is.

Tyson has made it clear that he is looking to come back for a few charity matches. It is very unlikely that a 53-year Tyson will make a transition to MMA. Chael Sonnen feels that this is a simple fact which isn’t entering Ortiz’s head.

I think that you thought that you were going to be the one guy to lure 53-year-old Mike Tyson into a sport that he’s never done before called MMA. Which was never going to happen but seems like something you would still bring to the table at some point because you’re not very smart,” Sonnen concluded.

Chael and Tito have fought once under the Bellator banner in January 2017. Ortiz submitted Sonnen in the first round. While Sonnen has retired from active competition, he doesn’t mind fighting Ortiz. He is ready to do so even without a payday.

On the other hand, Tito Ortiz currently fights under the Combate Americas promotion.

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