Biggest Trouble for Mike Tyson That Jake Paul Can Inflict Brought to Light by Demetrious Johnson – “Hardest Thing for Mike”

Published 05/15/2024, 6:31 AM EDT

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Demetrious Johnson recently opened up on the greatly anticipated fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul. While the entire world expressed concerns regarding the former heavyweight boxing champion’s health, the ONE flyweight champion chimed in with his thoughts. He disclosed a moment that might present itself as a hurdle for Tyson. ‘Iron Mike’ is already 57 years old. Fighting a boxer decades younger than him is a challenge in itself.

Despite his age and the fans’ speculations, Tyson has repeatedly impressed the fighting community with his pad work. While Johnson has backed the legend to do well against the young Jake Paul, he also reflected on the challenges he can face during the bout. 

Demetrious Johnson points out the troubles Mike Tyson might face


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On his YouTube channel, ‘Mighty Mouse’ dissected one of Tyson’s previous fights. It was indeed the bout that Tyson fought against Roy Jones Jr. The former UFC champion noted, “That’s gonna be the hardest thing for Mike, is to not get caught with something when he’s trying to get to Jake Paul. Right, because we know Mike Tyson is going to go forward…” 

Indeed, when ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ tried to get inside the void created by the big swings, he ducked and pivoted, making his opponent miss the hits. Tyson likes to play quite an aggressive game. But unfortunately, ‘The Problem Child’ has a counter for that. Johnson commented that Tyson could get struck by one of Paul’s uppercuts while trying to close the gap between them.


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He added, “And Jake Paul does have that uppercut that he hit homeboy with, that he can probably hit Mike Tyson with as well, because Mike Tyson does duck his head to get into the void and get across it.” If Tyson managed to enter the void, he could let the fans witness demolition inside the squared ring. But ‘Mighty Mouse’ feared that the old man could get hit while trying to do so, leading to his loss.


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Nevertheless, Tyson has found support from Joe Rogan with his pad work.

Joe Rogan believes ‘Iron Mike’ hasn’t lost everything

In a recent conversation with Sebastian Maniscalco on JRE, the podcaster removed all doubts and health concerns circling the former boxing champion. Although Tyson himself claimed that his body was not like it was before, Rogan was simply not ready to give up. The famed UFC color commentator believed that Tyson was still strong, like how a professional heavyweight boxer should be. He shifted the attention of his viewers to Tyson hitting the pads and claimed that ‘Iron Mike’ still exerted a terrifying presence as an opponent. 


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Furthermore, Rogan seemed to believe that if ‘Iron Mike’ fought like he did in his prime, there was simply no chance for ‘The Problem Child’ to survive. The UFC commentator provided an example of Marvis Frazier and showed how strong of an opponent Tyson was. Nevertheless, whether he would win or lose is something that only time has the power to tell. 

What are your thoughts on Mike Tyson’s fighting style? Do you think he’s a bit too old to fight Jake Paul? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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