UFC Photographers Release The Best Pictures Of Fighters

May 22, 2020 11:15 pm

UFC is majorly a weekly affair. Day in and day out, fighters step into the Octagon and take on their opponents with equal intensity and planning. And these moments eventually make history in the times to come.

With the amount of action going on all over the globe, documenting it is also very important. This is where the photography crew steps in. It is up to them to capture these moments of courage and virtuosity on display.

They are entrusted with the job of delivering an entire experience through a few still images. Tell an entire story within a single frame. And they do a bloody fine job!

The action in-ring rarely, if ever, sees a dull moment. The way the air thickens when two spirits full of intensity are locked into a tug of war of human will. The sense of uncertainty and unpredictability adds to the overall experience. High on rivalry, fighters walk in with nothing but blood on their minds. It is quite an exhilarating experience.

UFC Photographers make the sport what it is

And taking all of this and laying it out to the people not physically present at the venue is an art. An art that requires insane amounts of skill and patience. And the photographers at UFC do an absolute killer job.

A lot of skill goes into crafting a story around a single image. It only gives us a glimpse into the craft and is eventually taken for granted. But the amount of work that goes behind a single photograph is immense. Its job is to depict an entire 5 round fight, and the artists do complete justice to it.

And of course, this documentation is important. There are iconic moments worth remembering, and they are quite literally the caretakers of our history. They are the ones that enthusiastically capture these moments that we so dearly cherish.

So this one’s for all the MMA photographers, without whom the sport wouldn’t be the same.

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