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Watch: How Colby Covington Suffered His First Loss With a Broken Rib

Watch: How Colby Covington Suffered His First Loss With a Broken Rib

Colby Covington

December 14, 2019, It was the night when Colby Covington stepped into the octagon to prove his mettle and back up everything he has said over the years. However, it was easier said than done. After all, he was up against one of the baddest welterweights in the history of UFC, Kamaru Usman. Though Colby Covington fell short at UFC 245 it can be assumed that he will be back stronger as this is not the first time Colby suffered a loss.

At the early stage of his career when Colby only had 4 fights in UFC, he took Warlley Alves who was on a 9 fight win streak before the fight. Both Colby and Alves were unbeaten before the clash and unfortunately, it was Colby who got the first loss on his record.

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The fight started with Colby Covington looking to take Alves down. Colby got in a clinch with Alves and changed elevation looking for a takedown. However, Alves turned Colby’s wrestling against him and caught him with a guillotine and secured guard. Though Colby tried to slam his way out of the submission eventually he tapped out at 1:26 minute of the round 1. And just like that Colby had the first loss on his record. Watch the Submission Here.

Colby Covington Steps Into the Octagon With a Broken Rib

Later, Colby Covington revealed that he went into the fight with a broken rib. He did not even have a training for the fight against Warlley Alves. Talking about the loss, Colby stated:

“Extremely regret it(taking the fight without being 100 percent). My coaches thought that I took a cortisone shot and I thought that we could do it but we did not train, we didn’t warm up backstage. We just walked out to fight. We thought that with my heart we were gonna win. Cause I have been through fights where I broke my hand and I won the fight. So that is just being stubborn.”

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Conor McGregor

Well, after watching Colby fight Usman for more than two rounds with a broken jaw, it’s certainly believable that he would get into the cage despite a broken rib. The rivalry between these two does seem over as Warlley Alves recently showed his frustration towards Colby for calling Brazilians “filthy animals” after the fight against Demian Maia. Alves said:

“Colby Covington, to me, is a personal matter, I’m very patriotic, I love my country very much and I won’t let the things he said slide. He has his merits, he fought big names, he’s up there. I suffered a loss, so it would be arrogant for me to ask to fight him now. But I can tell you this, Colby Covington, it may take 10, 50 years, but we will meet again. When we do, it will be faster than the last time, and you know what I mean.”

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