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Watch: Jan Blachowicz Brutally KOs Corey Anderson, Calls Out Jon Jones

Watch: Jan Blachowicz Brutally KOs Corey Anderson, Calls Out Jon Jones

Jan Blachowicz

The polish Power is not a joke. And the fans just witnessed it once again when Jan Blachowicz knocked out Corey Anderson in a devastating fashion.

UFC fight night 167 featured a rematch between Jan Blachowicz and Corey Anderson. In the first encounter, Corey was able to overcome Blachowicz with ease.

Corey Anderson was confident that he would fight for the title after he gets past Blachowicz. However, this fight became a nightmare for Anderson.

The fight started with Anderson putting the pressure on Blachowicz, which ideally favors the Blachowicz. Anderson tried to use his boxing skills along with his wrestling. He did land a few good punches but he was not able to take Blachowicz down. Blachowicz saw the opening and landed a right hand that knocked Anderson out. Though he followed up with a hammer fist the fight was already over.

Blachowicz came into the fight to make a statement and sure he did. The light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones was sitting front row, studying his potential next opponent.

Blachowicz pointed towards Jones after the victory and let him know that he has one more thing to worry about in the light heavyweight division.

What is next for Jan Blachowicz

With a first-round finish over Anderson, Blachowicz now seems a solid contender for the title. However, will he get the next shot at the title?

Dominick Reyes who had a close fight with Jon Jones recently is campaigning for a rematch against Jones and rightfully so. Many fans believe that Reyes won the fight against Jones and he should be rewarded with a rematch against the light heavyweight champion. However, Blachowicz’s impressive performance might have made him the next challenger for the title.

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