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WATCH: When Anderson Silva Forced a Tap Out With a Triangle Choke

WATCH: When Anderson Silva Forced a Tap Out With a Triangle Choke

Anderson Silva fighitng Chael Sonnen

Some trash-talking from Chel Sonnen prior to UFC 117 had made his fight against Anderson Silva in Oakland a much-anticipated one.

Sonnen was competing for the middleweight title against Silva. Sonnen started the fight with the same intensity that he showed in his talks. After four rounds of intense fighting, the fight looked good to go the full length.

While Sonnen started the final round on the front foot, Silva caught him in a triangle choke and forced him to tap.

Initially, there was some controversy when referee Josh Rosenthal stopped the fight. It was unclear by the live video if Sonnen had tapped. But replays confirmed that the referee had made the right call.

“I came in second,” said Sonnen, “There’s nothing I can say. They gave me my opportunity, and I came up short. I’m only here to be number one. If I’m not the best, I’ll move on in life. For now, I have the silver medal.”

Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen rematch

After the fight ended the way it did, many had called out for a rematch. In an interview with MMAfighting.com after UFC 117, UFC president Dana White talked about the rematch.

“I believe that as a promoter, my job is to give the fans the fight they want to see,” White had said. “Now there’s a couple (of) fights. Timing has a lot to do with it too. Anderson just went to the hospital, he’s been in a five-round war. Chael is all busted up too. Vitor Belfort is now in the mix. He’s recovered, healthy, and ready to fight. So we’ll see how this thing plays out and see what happens.”

Two years later, the duo would meet at UFC 148. Anderson, once again, would emerge victorious, this time via knockout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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