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Watch: When Tony Ferguson Broke Opponent’s Jaw and Made Him Quit

Watch: When Tony Ferguson Broke Opponent’s Jaw and Made Him Quit

Mixed Martial Artists is a sport filled with wild and crazy characters. And amongst those one man stands out from the rest. That man is Tony Ferguson. If you need a perspective on how violent and wild Ferguson is inside the octagon all you have to do is watch his opponents after the fight.

While Anthony Pettis suffered a broken hand after two rounds, Donald Cerrone could not see through one eye when squared off against Tony Ferguson. In short, bad things happens when you step into the cage with Ferguson. Well, Aaron Riley faced a similar fortune when he took on Ferguson at UFC 135.

Jaw Breaking Performance From Tony Ferguson

One interesting stats about Tony Ferguson is he does lose early rounds or early minutes of the fight. We saw that in his fight against Kevin Lee who came very close to beating Tony Ferguson. We also saw Anthony Pettis knocked down Ferguson in the early minutes. Even Donald Cerrone was having great success against Ferguson in the first round. However, if you put pressure on Ferguson he is going to do the same but with more intensity.

Tony Ferguson

Aaron Riley did put the pace on Ferguson in the early minutes. He was mixing it up with kicks and punches. He was controlling the octagon too. It seemed Tony Ferguson was counting on his uppercuts a lot in the first round. Though he missed a few of them he finally landed a left uppercut on Riley’s jaw halfway through the round that changed the entire landscape of the fight.

Ferguson saw the opening and tried to finish the fight early but someone as tough as Aaron Riley was not going to give in without a fight. Though Riley put a valiant effort the fighting Ferguson with a broken jaw is just too much to ask even from Aaron Riley. At the end of round one, Riley informed his corner that he got a broken jaw thanks to the devastating power of Ferguson and his corner called the fight off and rightfully so.


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The Inevitable Clash: Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov

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When you look at everything Tony Ferguson has done it’s very impressive. However, can he do the same against Khabib Nurmagomedov? This is the fight the fans have been waiting for years. How do you beat someone like Khabib Nurmagoemdov who dominates every single opponent? And how do you stop the chaos that Tony Ferguson brings to the octagon? It’s safe to say that when Tony and Khabib stand inside the octagon to determine who the best lightweight is, it’s going to be one for the ages.

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