“They’re Treated Like Employees”- Ronda Rousey Opens Up on WWE Structure

April 17, 2020 3:49 pm

Ronda Rousey made her name as a dominant force in MMA. Later, she signed a lucrative contract and made the switch to pro wrestling. The ‘Rowdy’ one had a stellar year and claimed the Raw Women’s Championship. She appeared on Steve-O’s podcast and addressed her time in the squared circle.

‘Rowdy’ is one of the few individuals who has been in both the UFC and WWE. She has had the opportunity to examine the ins and outs of both companies and opines that the WWE’s pay structure is better. 

Ronda Rousey says WWE pay structure is better than UFC

“WWE’s even better, because everyone’s on salary. It’s not like you show up for a fight, you get paid, you show up for a fight, you get paid. They’re treated like employees. They are on a salary, it’s much more secure,” says Rousey. 

The WWE fighters spend over 200 days on the road and are technically full-time employees. Hence they draw a salary. Fighters, however, compete for only a handful of times a year. ‘Rowdy’ says that WWE is better in this regard. This is because performers are paid even when they are injured. 

“If people get injured and they can’t perform months and months and months on end, they can actually continue to pay them and pay for their medical treatment and make sure they’re taken care of. They do their best not to leave people high and dry.  As soon as they hire people, they’re on salary right away, which is very, very different from having these lumps of prize money.”

‘Rowdy’ is yet to appear in WWE since being pinned by Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 35. There is no fixed date for her return. However, it looks set to be a part-time one as she lambasted the fans on the same podcast. Her comments also indicate that it is a financially viable deal for her in the WWE as she will draw a salary rather than just appearance fees. 

Is Rousey trying to hype up a return? It seems as though she is trying to generate heat by positioning herself as a heel part-timer. What will Dana White and the other UFC Fighters make of these comments?

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