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“You Might Wake Up in a Recovery Bed”: Jorge Masvidal Issues a Warning to Israel Adesanya

“You Might Wake Up in a Recovery Bed”: Jorge Masvidal Issues a Warning to Israel Adesanya

The UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya takes on the Boogey Man of the division, Yoel Romero in the main event of UFC 248. Adesanya is still unbeaten in his MMA career and is coming from a win against Robert Whittaker. On the other hand, Yoel Romero is still one of the most feared individuals in the division but it has been a while since Romero got his hands raised in the octagon. First, Romero lost both his fights to Whittaker by the decision and then he lost to Paulo Costa in his last fight. The losses were not the only thing that did not go in Romero’s way. He missed weight for the interim title fight against Robert Whittaker.

However, Yoel Romero gets yet another opportunity to become the middleweight champion. Some might argue that Romero does not deserve the title shot, but Adesanya vs Romero is a fight that no fans will want to miss. Romero has been at the same place a few times before, but he was not able to capture the UFC glory. However, this time the outcome might go in the favor of Romero according to Jorge Masvidal.

Israel Adesanya

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Romero’s training partner and good friend, Jorge Masvidal stated that the last few decision losses have made Romero more motivated for his next title fight against Adesanya. It’s to be noted that, Jorge Masvidal has claimed on numerous occasions that the decision losses he has had in the past forced him to change his approach inside the octagon and finish the fights. Well, if Yoel Romero decides to finish his opponents in devastating fashion from the get-go then the opponent is in some serious trouble. Masvidal stated:

“He’s ready, man. This is a good training camp for him. His mind is right and it’s been right for over a period of time. Before the Izzy fight, he was already getting in shape had a very bitter mouth about his last fight [against Costa] and I understood him because I thought he won as well. Yoel sometimes, a lot of times he fights and takes a couple of weeks off. After that fight, he was just back in the gym, hungry as ever. We’re going to see how much better conditioned he is for this fight, better than any other fight because he’s been in training camp for so long and his mind hasn’t gotten away. He’s just been hungry. I think maybe that loss, that decision loss might have been good in hindsight because the fire that he’s coming [in with for] this fight, is good. I like what I’m seeing.”

Jorge Masvidal warns Israel Adesanya about Yoel Romero

Jorge Masvidal praised Israel Adesanya for his striking abilities but he considers Yoel Romero one of the biggest threats in the octagon. Romero has a superhuman athletic ability, he can knock his opponent out, and he can take his opponent down. In short, Romero is comfortable anywhere the fight goes. Though Masvidal thinks very highly of Adesanya he does believe that Romero can shut his lights out at any moment of the fight. The BMF sends a little warning to Adesanya saying:

He(Romero) can take you down from the clinch, from the single leg, from the double leg, he can grab your ankle and make you do a backflip. And anyone of his hands in your face, forget about the knees, if he touches with a knee or elbow, you’re going to a place for a long time that’s not good. You might wake up in a recovery bed. We’ve seen him do it often.

Yoel Romero is a threat to everyone in the middleweight division. However, can he overcome the elite striking that Style Bender brings to the octagon?




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