Days After Getting Folded, Dustin Poirier’s Career Ambitions Gets Completely Put Down by Former UFC Title Contender – “I Don’t Think He Needs To”

Published 08/11/2023, 6:31 AM EDT

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In the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the dance of victory and defeat is an inseparable partner. Fighters ascend to bask in the glory of triumph, only to be confronted by the harsh truths of setbacks. Confronted with the daunting task of redemption, how does one react? Such a narrative unfolded when Dustin Poirier found himself on the losing end against Justin Gaethje at UFC-291. This topic came to light during a recent podcast featuring Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith, where the latter offered his perspective on what lies ahead for Dustin Poirier.

Smith Advocates Poirier’s lightweight Stance

On a recent podcast with Michael Bisping on his channel Michael Bisping podcast, when asked about the Poirier vs Gathje match that unfolded on UFC-291 Anthony Smith proclaimed that In light of Poirier’s recent clash with Justin Gaethje, Smith asserts that Poirier’s stock remains resolute despite the setback. “Dustin Poirier is ranked number three he lost number two it’s not like his stock dropped at all” Smith observes, emphasizing that Poirier’s stature has not wavered.


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Smith further added “ I don’t know I don’t think he needs to I like him at 155 I think he’s doing a great job there, and he’s always one fight away from a title that’s just because these fights are so competitive and these guys are so good at they’re the tip of the spear at the top” Smith here was trying to advise that Poirier should have stayed in his lightweight category rather moving onto the welterweight category.

Top 5 Greatest Finishes by Dustin Poirier

In the podcast, he placed even more emphasis on the significant dimensions of a welterweight category fighter. Smith also pointed out how Smith noticed the imposing nature of fighters at 170 pounds, specifically highlighting Bilal as an exceptionally formidable presence in that weight division.


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Dustin Poirier – A look at his journey through MMA challenges

Dustin Poirier’s journey in MMA  is noteworthy. His ‘BMF’ clash against Justin Gaethje during UFC 291 left a lasting impression. Despite his unwavering determination, Gaethje emerged victorious with a knockout, marking Poirier’s initial non-title loss since 2016. Poirier’s response brilliantly displayed his profound self-confidence. This particular loss, coupled with his encounter with Khabib Nurmagomedov, shines a light on Poirier’s perspective on defeat — a prospect for personal growth rather than a mere setback.

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Dustin Poirier’s setback against Gaethje prompted reflection. Anthony Smith, on the Michael Bisping podcast, affirmed Poirier’s unshaken stock at third rank despite the loss. Smith urged Poirier to stay in the lightweight class, where a title challenge is impending. Smith’s counsel suggests Poirier’s potential remains untapped, advocating his return to familiar territory. The MMA journey continues, offering lessons in resilience as Poirier’s path unfolds within the octagon’s unforgiving ballet. Are we gonna witness Dustin Poirier in the welterweight or featherweight category? Only time will tell


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