Umesh Yadav’s Pivot Turnover As Indian Bowler Emanated From Zaheer Khan’s Advice

July 11, 2017 2:40 am

Umesh Yadav recently has shown his gratitude to the former Indian Pacer Zaheer Khan for his betterment in cricket as a front-running bowler for Indian Side. He has made his emergence as an ultimate pace attack for India’s international quest so far. Behind all his major feats he claimed his sheer pace in bowling as his pathmaker. Although he did succumb to a few niggles which led him to go off track for a while. But despite having such a career downfall, he managed to climb up the ladder finding his own feet. This journey attracted the attention of legendary pacer Zaheer Khan. Khan’s helpful hands on advice made Yadav’s quest successful to regain the position he has created for himself in the national side.

The Indian Express

“I am constantly learning from mistakes. You make mistakes as a youngster. But Zaheer Bhai said one thing. When you are a junior and a newcomer in the team, the faster you learn from your mistakes, the better it will be for you…The faster you will learn. That’s what I try and do,” said Yadav, explaining the influence that Khan’s words carry.

Yadav going contrary to the conjecture expressed that his fierce pace would never get compromised for achieving consistency in the length of deliveries instead he would contemplate on introducing new techniques to improve his bowling. “It is because of speed that I am here. The pace was my weapon, it has given me recognition…Now, I’m trying to balance swing and the length with the pace. That will be helpful.” he added.

He has been prominent in his bowling onslaught for India as recently he enhanced his international fame by notching 3 wickets while conceding 36 runs in the fourth ODI against Carribean. He showed his urge to continue his magnificent bowling spell in the future just like the way he has been ruling the Caribbean tour in the ongoing series. Zaheer Khan has been a pivot in Yadav’s revamping quest as his advice will definitely start paying off for Yadav with remarkable feats in the future. As he is already on a roll in this regard, we can easily put our money on his potential ascendancy.

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