Umpire told to stay away from Serena Williams at Australian open

2017 Australian Open

The first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian is just a month away from now. Serena Williams will be striving to give her best to emulate her 2017 glory on the court during her stay in Melbourne. The last time when she played at the Aussie Open, she was eight weeks pregnant. This time she would tussle on the court to win her first major as a mother. Moreover, she would compensate her two back to back losses at the finals of two big events. And she would keep her focus to tie with Margaret Court’s 24 Grand Slam title record.

The officials of the Melbourne major will be heedful in keeping Williams and umpire Carlos Ramos apart. Since it hasn’t been much time for the disgraceful event which took place at the Flushing Meadows. Additionally, the International Tennis Federation has claimed to deliberately keep them at a distance. The geared-up form of Williams in 2019 reflects she would dig deep at the Australian Open. Plausibly, Williams and Ramos would shake hands on the court. 

The US Open final quarrel

“I think many months have gone by, I’m sure there has been a reflection on all fronts,” said the ITF chief, David Haggerty. “I think she will play in the Australian Open and I’m sure she’ll be back in her form. I’m sure Carlos will be at the Australian Open calling matches. Whether they’re scheduled together, time will tell. [Keeping them apart] could be something for the tournament to consider. They could consider that they could consider how to schedule and what to do.”

The Portuguese, Ramos is gold badge chair umpire. He umpires the elite matches in tennis. Also, he is the only umpire to chair umpire the singles finals match in all four of the Grand Slam tournaments and the final of the Olympics.


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