“Until Then I Will Keep Going” – Roger Federer Features in an Inspiring Ad

July 10, 2020 7:01 pm

Roger Federer over the years has become a brand. His stature in the game and around the globe has led him to become brand ambassadors of many global brands and one of them notably is Mercedes Benz.

Recently Forbes released the list of top-earning athletes of 2019. And Federer topped the list. He made 106 million dollars and from that, he makes 100 million from endorsements alone.

Mercedes Benz has been associated with Federer since 2008. Since then he has featured in a lot of commercials and marketing for the German Auto Maker. And so there is a new commercial for the carmaker with an inspiring caption ‘what moves you’.

Mercedes Benz released a new video on its twitter handle featuring Federer and some of Mercedes’ cars. The Swiss maestro narrated in the whole video and spoke about time. Mercedes has a tradition of making impactful and influential commercials featuring Federer.

“Time is funny. Just when you think the time is up. It keeps going. That’s the thing about the time it’s an opportunity. A shot to carve your legacy. And I know that when the time is right I will have given it my all. Until then I will keep going.” Federer narrated.

Federer is currently out of the whole 2020 season. He had a knee surgery that ruled him out. He is currently rehabbing and has been active off the court. Federer has donated in various places across Africa, Asia, and Europe through the Roger Federer Foundation for people affected due to the pandemic.

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Also, Federer, last year had bought a stake in the Swiss Sneaker Brand ‘On’. So after 7 months of waiting, Federer, a few days back launched a new series of shows with the Brand. He closely worked with ‘On’ to develop the shoe.

Federer always had a charismatic personality which appealed to a lot of audiences. Many companies want to still use the swiss and market themselves even though Federer has been rusty on the court.


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