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Most Unusual Crashes in F1 History

Most Unusual Crashes in F1 History

When you’re driving at 300km/hr competing with other racers, you’re bound to one day be involved in a crash. That’s the risk every Formula One racer takes, everytime he prepares himself to sit behind the wheel in the car. But not all crashes are usual. Some of them are pretty weird and unusual at best. Today, we turn back time to look at the most unusual crashes in Formula One history.

Oh Deer!

Unusual Crash 1
That deer never knew what hit him

The 1987 Austrian GP was a chaotic affair. A number of drivers were involved in accidents throughout the weekend. Kicking things off was Stefan Johansson in the McLaren-TAG. The incident occurred during Friday practice when a deer ran across the track. Unfortunately it was right in front of a startled Johansson who T-boned it at nearly 225 kph. The deer was killed on impact and Johansson’s car sustained major damage. Johansson himself escaped major injury but was still sent to the hospital anyway. Well… I sure hope PETA didn’t come after him.

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