Upcoming Galactus Event in Fortnite Could Be the “Biggest Event Ever”

November 8, 2020 8:52 pm

Fortnite’s collaboration with Marvel for Season 4 of Chapter 2 has been an astounding success so far. Marvel has brought some of the most popular superheroes in Fortnite, and Epic Games is making the best of it. However, the current season is far from over.

Donald Mustard, Worldwide Creative Director at Fortnite, recently teased the game’s “biggest event ever”. From the looks of it, he was hinting at the upcoming Galactus event.

Changes in the Fortnite island ahead of Galactus’ arrival

Hypex, on Twitter, uploaded a GIF for the event’s countdown. There is no information on the countdown’s time and location, but some fans believe that it will most likely be on the holo table. The holo table is the BR map table where players can view their challenges.

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The countdown for Galactus’ arrival has already begun. As a result, there will be certain changes in The Ruins POI on the map.  The helicarrier, which is currently the spawn island in the game, will float above The Ruins POI.

Players will look forward to accessing the secret vault in the helicarrier and using its weapons in their battle against Galactus.

Will the upcoming event transform the island, yet again?

Galactus is coming to the Fortnite island to harness a powerful source of energy, and the Marvel superheroes are the only entities capable enough to thwart him. Iron Man is already working on the battle bus and a Black Hole device.

Just like Midas’ Doomsday device, Iron Man could use his Black Hole device to defeat Galactus. However, in the process, he might end up creating chaos that transforms the island, yet again. Considering that this might be Fortnite’s “biggest event ever”, it is hard to deduce the exact details.

Veterans will remember that the current events are similar to Chapter One’s storyline. The powerful source of energy was the Zero Point, and the storyline revolved around the several battles to access the power source. Following a gigantic explosion, Chapter One’s island transformed completely.

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With constant updates and huge collaborations, things have been great in Fortnite lately. The community expects the developers to maintain this consistency with the upcoming events and seasons.

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