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Another Update For Mercedes? Wait For The 2019 Canadian GP, Folks!

Another Update For Mercedes? Wait For The 2019 Canadian GP, Folks!


As if their 118-point lead over the Ferraris wasn’t enough to dissuade their contemporaries on the grid to distance even further from trying to get hold of the world title, Mercedes, currently on top of the constructor standings, have made a new stellar move.

As it turns out, Mercedes are all set to bring an updated engine to the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix.

One can only imagine about the kind of change that this might bring to the Silver Arrows’ fortunes, a team that’s won all races so far, starting from Australia, Bahrain, China, Azerbaijan, Spain, and Monaco.

With the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix only hours to go, this news about Mercedes certainly brings about unbridled optimism for the fans who would want nothing else but for Lewis and Bottas to win the remaining 15 rounds in Formula 1.

Moreover, for a team that’s found in Lewis Hamilton, not only F1’s best driver on the grid but perhaps a beacon of consistency, what remains to be seen is whether the others can embrace Mercedes’ new challenge.

To that end, it could be said that beating the Silver Arrows just once, only once, may at this point in time be the reason for existence for a certain Scuderia Ferrari. was the last time that one found them struggling the way they are in 2019?

Even the die-hard fan who cannot imagine a world without the red cars might be able to recollect the events of 2014, the last season of Formula 1 before it would embrace the turbo-powered era.

But back to where the action is due for Sunday, the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix offers a great opportunity to witness a wheel-to-wheel between the Ferraris, who’d want to win to up the morale of the team and their fans and Mercedes, who, mindful of the straight-line speed advantage of their rivals would want to extract the best from the new engine upgrades.

A leading publication had the following to share on the developing story (Mercedes’ upgrade for Canada), adding:

“Mercedes is behind Ferrari in straight line-speed terms and, given the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve at which this weekend’s Canadian GP will be staged is a power-sensitive track. The venue is a logical one for Mercedes to bring a power upgrade to.”

Source: F1.com

That said, four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel would be buoyed by the fact that back in 2018, he denied his arch-rivals Mercedes a win by taking the checkered flag in Villeneuve-land! So the question now is, can Ferrari deliver? Lights out, and away we go!

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