The US Open has already put forward its plan to introduce new rules of coaching from the stands. The players will have the opportunity to take guidance from their coach on the stands between the points for as many times.

On the other hand, the ITF also introduced its experiment of on-court coaching at under-18 and under-16 junior events this season. The move was highly criticised by David Miley, who is going to stand against the ITF President, David Haggerty in the elections scheduled in September.

US Open

According to the Telegraph, Miley lambastes the US Open decision to introduce on-court coaching at the junior events. He said, ” I totally disagree with on-court coaching at the junior level. You are building life skills when you teach young players to be independent and resilient and resourceful.”

Miley further added that the US Open decision will further lead to inequalities. He continued, “Plus, there are all sorts of inequalities that come into play when some people can afford coaches and others can’t. You’ll have parents getting involved and the whole thing will have significant downsides.”

US Open

Tim Henman, former British no. 1 and All England Lawn Tennis Club committee member also criticised the US Open decision. He suggested that even the former tennis players do not support on-court coaching. “I have spoken to 30 past players about the use of coaches during matches and none of them supports it,” said the Brit.

“One thing that alarms me is the changes at the junior level,” Tim Henman further added. “To me, that is the tail wagging the dog. The ITF should be the custodians of the game but they are ingraining bad habits in these kids before they have even made it to tour level. It ought to be up to the player to problem solve during a match. One of tennis’s most important points of difference is that it is a one-to-one, gladiatorial sport.”

US Open

Last year, Patrick Mouratoglou, coach of Serena Williams was warned for on-court coaching during the US Open. The act by Mouratoglou was criticised by many. However, the dynamics of the game will change drastically, if a player takes on-court coaching in almost every point.

Tim Henman said, “I don’t think it reflects well on the game when everybody does their own thing. We have got to make sure we don’t become even more disjointed.”