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US Open 2020 Finals: Dominic Thiem Sets Unbelievable Records That Even ‘Big 3’ Couldn’t Come Close To

US Open 2020 Finals: Dominic Thiem Sets Unbelievable Records That Even ‘Big 3’ Couldn’t Come Close To

The 2020 US Open has finally come to close and this year we finally saw a new champion. After the disqualification of Novak Djokovic, this was guaranteed and it was Dominic Thiem who rose up to the occasion. However, his win was not definitely not easy, in fact, it seemed impossible at the beginning.

In the final of the event, he faced Alexander Zverev who was playing magnificently. He won the first 2 sets in a dominating fashion and it almost looked like it was over. However, Dominic Thiem did not give up as he won the next 3 sets to seal his first Grand Sam title.

This was an incredible comeback and it is actually the first of its kind. Before the Austrian, no man in the Open Era had ever won the US Open after being 2 sets down. The last such comeback in New York happened back in 1949 by Pancho Gonzalez and the last such comeback at any Major was at the 2004 French Open

Also, this win is a lot more special for the Austrian since he has a poor record after losing the first 2 sets. He has only won 2 out of 15 occasions in Majors and that is why he will always remember this win for the rest of his life.

Dominic Thiem wins US Open
Sep 13, 2020; Alexander Zverev congratulates Dominic Thiem after his incredible win to seal his first Grand Slam title Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

What’s Next For Dominic Thiem?

The win was certainly great for Dominic Thiem but he is obviously not going to stop here. However, we will sadly not see him at this year’s Italian Open due to the scheduling. It is starting tomorrow and hence, he does not have enough time to travel there. So, the big question is – where is he going next?

The answer is probably – Paris for the 2020 French Open. It will be the last Grand Slam of the year and the Austrian is already a two-time finalist there. He will want to make his already-incredible year even better and hopefully, he can do that when the event begins on September 27th.

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