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Mr. Classic Physique Olympia, Chris Bumstead, Shared His Workout Secrets in His New YT Video Ft. Vaughn Walker

Published 11/09/2022, 12:30 PM EST

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Nowadays, every fitness-oriented person wants to achieve that perfect body – the classic physique but doesn’t know how. Athletes and famous entities inspire people to make the best of their bodies. More often than not, people had no clue about their diet plans or workout routine. Solving this mystery for his fans, Chris Bumstead revealed some of his workout secrets in his new video.

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Chris Bumstead, also known by his nickname ‘CBum’, is a Canadian IFBB professional bodybuilder. Chris is the reigning Mr. Olympia Classic Physique winner, having claimed the spot for three consecutive years – 2019, 2021, and 2022. He has a massive fan following with over 2.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Catering to the needs of his subscribers, Bumstead shared a video on his channel featuring Vaughn Walker, wherein he revealed some of his workout secrets.


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Chris Bumstead and his workout secret reveal

Chris Bumstead started the video by sharing his pre-workout secret – the ‘Christopher Secret Stuff’ A.K.A, his pre-workout shake powder.

To prevent any injury or his existing minor injury, like his elbow pain, from getting worse, Bumstead started the session with the basics – warmup. “I have to warm up my old man’s elbows,” he said. To warm up their bodies, Chris and Vaughn started with the rope cable push-downs. Without having a definite number of reps or set in mind for the warmup, Bumstead prefers to go by the feel and deems it enough when his elbows feel good enough.


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Following the cable pushdowns were the overhead triceps extensions. This exercise increases metabolic stress within the muscle and promotes hypertrophy, which results in increased muscle mass lengthening the triceps. Succeeding it were the bodyweight dips, which help facilitate building mass in the triceps.

Triceps to the biceps

From the triceps, the duo moved on to working on their biceps. Focusing on the full range motion with a hard squeeze at the top on the preacher curl machine, Bumstead finished off the top set with five 25 pounds weight plates.

Moving onto the next biceps movement, Walker started with the spider curls. Focusing on both the long and head and short head of the biceps brachia muscles, spider curls help build bigger biceps. Even for a professional like Bumstead, this exercise is not a piece of cake. He shared, “It’s hard to curl dumbbells or anything when your arms have too much blood in them.”

Dumbbell curls followed the spider curls. In dumbbell curl, one can focus on one arm at a time, which is exactly what the two bodybuilders did. Alternating between the two arms, they made sure that both sides were under constant tension.

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Following this were the triceps push-outs. It isolates the triceps completely, letting the lifter feel the muscle contract. The triceps push-outs give a great pump and increase activation.

The FST-7 dual cable curls


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Saving the best for the last, the duo ended their workout with the standing dual cable curls. Trading sets with minimal rest utilized the FST-7 principle in the routine.

Fascial Stretch Training, aka FST-7, is not a secret in the bodybuilding world. Hany Rambod, a career bodybuilding coach, introduced FST-7 to the world. It facilitates impressive muscle growth in a short amount of time if one endures the pain that comes in tow.


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Chris finished the session with his post-workout shake. Bumstead is gearing up to participate in the upcoming Olympia 2022, which is just five weeks away from now. The event is will take place from the 16th to the 18th of December 2022 in Las Vegas, NV.

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