Dorian Yates, the six-times Mr. Olympia winner, has exposed himself to highly-exhaustive workouts throughout his career. He brushed aside the conventional training beliefs that called for a fixed number of sets and reps to achieve the perfect size.

Dorian Yates would instead work out till he reached the point of complete exhaustion. Yates talked about his workout regimen in a recently uploaded video on Youtube. He also discussed the changes he would make if he could go back in time.


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Yates opens up about his workout routine

In the off-season, Yates would keep from all sorts of the limelight and labored in the gym. He trained hard in silence and let his outcomes speak on the stage. This earned him the moniker ‘The Shadow’.

In the Youtube video, The Shadow revealed that in his prime, he never exercised for more than an hour. He said, I never trained more than an hour. Every day for me was like, this day is a winner. This workout is a winner, this day, I’m going to hit every meal, sleep, everything.”

Dorian Yates: What would he change about his past?

Yates admitted that he would change only one thing, if he could go back in time. He would like to reduce his training and avoid the injuries incurred around competitions.

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Yates said, “I could have been a bit more easier on the people around me, a bit more time, a bit more flexible, enjoy the process a little bit more, but I was in a tunnel. When you’re in the tunnel, you just see the light at the end and you’re just going to keep going and going.”


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Dorian Yates believes that knowing what he does today, he could have prevented his injuries. He claimed that one does not have many calories in the last six-eight weeks of the competition. This makes it unable to gain muscles even with high-intensity workouts. Dorian suspects that decreased body fat, dehydration, lack of sleep, and anti-estrogen substances increase the likelihood of injuries.


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