The Icelandic strongman Hafthor Bjornson is renowned for lifting heavy things with ease. He keeps entertaining his fans through his social media accounts by adding more and more weights to his workouts. Recently in his Instagram post, he has done it again!

The Instagram post shows a video of Hafthor Bjornson doing an incline bench press of 145 kg like its nothing. Of course, for a strongman like him, it’s a piece of cake and his day-to-day normal workout, but for his fans and a normal person, it’s just a monstrosity.



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“The spirit was good today. 145kg incline bench 5 reps 3 sets,” Bjornson mentions in his Instagram post about the incline bench press. Incline bench presses have their own standards because the amount lifted depends on the individual. An amateur can lift around 50 kg, and an elite can only go up to 145 kg, which Bjornsson did with ease.

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One of the big names in the bodybuilding world, Arnold Schwarzenegger, once did a bench press of 525 pounds, which is around 250 kg, which was his own record best. These monstrous weights are pretty common for Mr. Olympias and strongmen. 145 kg was nothing for Bjornson, as he has already bench-pressed more weight than this. His personal records are pretty notable in the Guinness World Records, as back in 2020 he dead lifted 501 kg and broke the four-year record of Eddie Hall.

Hilarious comments left by the fans of Hafthor Bjornson

Apart from lifting heavy for his workout routine, he also does it to entertain his fans on social media. Casually, doing a 145 kg incline bench press has left fans in a jolly mood.

A fan points out the strongman’s leg tattoo in the video, “Some said that tattoo on the leg is a real size of his kid.” 


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Another fan is left surprised and comments, “The description sounds like my deadlift workout plan.”

This fan points out the consistency in Bjornson’s reps, “Haha, those reps were that smooth and consistent bar pathway I though he was on Smith Machine at one point.”

This user is actually concerned about Bjornson’s son and comments, “I would be careful using smelling salts because your little son might think it’s okay to use because Daddy does it. It’s for his safety…just saying.”


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