Like the traditional American rodeo, bullfighting is a brutal match of strength and stamina. The goal of the bullfight is to get the bull to submit to the bullfighter’s will, either by immobilizing or killing it. Different styles of brutal sport entail different actions, such as dancing around or jumping over a bull, or reaching for an item connected to its horns. Spanish-style bullfighting is the most well-known type of sport, although it is extremely controversial due to concerns about the welfare of animals and the many protests launched to end it.

A video of a bull crashing toward the crowd during a bull run has recently gone viral on Twitter. PETA posted the video because it depicts the terrified bull attempting to protect itself from humans.

Bullfighting against the humans


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The Spanish government has long been troubled by the contentious practice of bullfighting, which some citizens support for cultural reasons while others reject on the grounds that it constitutes harsh treatment of animals. Thousands of bulls are brutally killed in bullrings throughout Europe each year. According to accounts, the bulls used in such acts have daggers and swords put into them, causing them a protracted and agonizing death. Bulls are shocked with electric prods to get them out into the streets during the annual Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona. These events are exciting for spectators but excruciating for the bulls involved. These frightened bulls often fall and smash into walls, sustaining fractured bones and other gruesome injuries long before they reach the bullring to fight a bullfighter and lose their lives.

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The Twitter video that went viral shows just how risky such acts can be for people and bulls. It’s just a minute long, yet one can see how the bull’s fear is amplified by the spectators behind the bars. When the bull escapes through the protective barriers, it immediately charges the crowd, knocking a guy unconscious in the process. It charges towards them, almost squishing the person involved to bits.

The video quickly went viral on the internet, drawing a large number of viewers who were convinced of the dangers of bullfighting.

Netizens united in support of the bull

The bull run may have been a bust for the crowds, but the internet isn’t pleased with the bull because they can see how scared it is. The video quickly gained popularity online, and responses to it from worried people flooded the comments area.

One comment read, “I’m 100% with the bulls.” A similar comment that rooted for the bull read, “I absolutely do not care when people get hurt here.”


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It looks like one netizen enjoyed the action, as they say, “Ha!….perfect score…at least 2 knockouts…couldn’t end better.” We have another supporter of the bull whose comment read, “I was hoping that bull would do something like that.”


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Some individuals will learn valuable lessons from the video and decide not to participate in the sport because of how dangerous it can be.

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